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greek presintation

by hebah and shaikha

shaikha al-sabah

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of greek presintation

astronomy presintation By: Shaikha Al-Sabah &Hebah Hussain the word astronomy comes from the Greek word "star" The Greeks were explorers in
Astronomy too. Thales predicted an Eclipse
of the sun, that took place in
585 B.C. At 550 B.C Pythogoras
pointed out that the
sun and the moon are
the same body. some greeks thought the
earth was a sphere. ptolemy and hipparchus
showed how the middle of the
universe. Arystarches was the
first to discover the
earth moved around
the sun. hippaarchus was the great
astronimer he found and
named almost 850 stars
he found out how to eastmate
the distance between the sun,
moon and earth. how the greeks infuences modern society:
about every thing in the world, including disposable cameras, photocopy machines, TV cameras and more.
without the greeks theories we wouldint of known we could have sattilites.
we would'nt of had teliscopes to see beond the earth.
thanks for listining
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