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The People Problem

No description

Michael Shannon

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of The People Problem

The People Problem What did we do wrong? Chemical Pollution Cars Electricity Urban Sprawl Agriculture
Chicken Manure Fuel
Converting usage of gas to the
use of battery(electric) Use of fuel cells Biodiesel Ethanol Hydrogen Efficient
Ratio Efficiency Design Hybrid Weight The weight of the car must be
as low as possible in order to
use less energy to travel. The car companies have been trying to design a car that can travel a good distance using only batteries, and in no need of gas. Water molecules can be seperated, and they can be used for fuel. The only problem is that it may take more fuel to produce the hydrogen gas, than what would be produced to fuel peoples cars. Coal Nuclear Pros: Cons: Future: Alot & Cheap Dirty Carbon Sequestration Clean Air Terror Threat Smaller Plants
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