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on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of ENVIROMENT

Global warming
“This has been considered as the most pressing environmental issue. Climate change is real and it is influenced by human activities through the production of green house gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. Global warming is necessitated by the ability of our ecosystem to respond to climate change due to compromised environment. Global warming has the effect of melting polar ice caps, displacing people form tropical and coastal islands and can ultimately threaten the survival of human race.”
Ocean system collapse
“Oceans are critical part of Earths support system and are considered to pose huge risks and sink for atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is important to prevent ocean systems from collapse since the over exploitation of oceans might result in the collapse of the fishing industry.”
Firstly, built more bus stop and another traffic tools。
What else can we do?
Thirdly, improve energy-saving technology
solar power generation
wind power generation
hydroelectric generation
geothermal power generation
nuclear electric power generation

"Environment is the source of life. It not only directs but also determines the existence, growth and development of human beings and all their activities. The quality of our social life depends mostly on the quality of the natural environment.
There are major environmental issues that require urgent attention to make the ecology friendly."
“It is imperative to maintain portions of the wilderness untouched so that a tree will rot where it falls, a waterfall will pour its curve without generating electricity, a trumpeter swan may float on uncontaminated water - and moderns may at least see what their ancestors knew in their nerves and blood.”
Water degradation
“In the modern world the quality of water is under threat form the fast growing population. The quality of inland water is under compromise from dumped industrial and chemical wastes, untreated sewage, medicinal residues and fertilizes and chemical run off. The above activities worsen the already existing problem of water pollution.”
Now, how should we change it!
Let's driving less, save water and do not waste food!

people drive less is good, but there are over one billion cars.
So many people need
go out by car.!
So government could built more bus stop and another traffic tools. More people take public transport, less global warming in the world.
Secondly, keep a close watch on the quality of water .
April 28, 2011. About 4.5 million liters of oil leaked into low-lying marshlands near the northern Alberta community of Little Buffalo in Canada.


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