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What is... Doctor Who?

What is this Doctor Who everyone is talking about? Learn about it in here!

Hurlman 560

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of What is... Doctor Who?

What is...
Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is

a British Sci-Fi Show made by the BBC, about a time traveling alien
called The Doctor.His species are the time lords.
The Time Lords were one of the most powerful races in the universe on their home world Galifrey. They were the masters of time. Their power was ended when the Daleks. went to war with them in the Time War. Both sides were defeated in the Last Great Time War and both races became extinct.
Except for the Doctor...
The Doctor was wanted by the Time Lords for breaking Galifreyian Law
for changing peoples lives
The Doctor also protects the Earth from alien invasions and anything possibly extra-terrestrially hostile.
Being a Time Lord, if The Doctor is mortally wounded or near death, he would Regenerate, or change his appearance in order to cheat death and heal himself. He has regenerated 10 times.
The Doctor
Time Lords
Companions are basically anyone The Doctor happens upon or anyone who happens upon The Doctor, also anyone The Doctor takes a liking to(female companions are more frequent)
Many famous companions include
Rose Tyler(Top Left)
Martha Jones(Bottom Left)
Donna Noble(To the right of Martha)
Amy Pond(The the right of Donna)
River Song(Bottom Right)
Some companions even got their own spin off shows.
Captain Jack Harkness(Top Middle) in Torchwood
Sarah Jane Smith(Top Right) in Sarah Jane Adventures
The 10th and 11th Doctors are two of the most funniest incarnations
in Doctor Who. After both of them regenerated they would want to know if they regenerated into a ginger when told he wasn't he would be upset.
The 10th Doctor(once refereed to as "The Fire, Ice, and Rage") created funny quotes in some of the most dangerous situations(listed below) and showed some of the fury in a time lord(since his 8th form fought in the time war and regenerated into Doctor 9)
The 11th Doctor(called The man who makes armys turn at the mention of his name) on the other hand is one of the most funniest of the Doctors. Creating funny quotes just like his past version.
Doctors 10 and 11
Doctor 10
2)"Wibbly Wobbly
Timey Wimey...Stuff"
4)"Is that who i am now?
Rude.Rude and not Ginger"
(After Regen)
5)"Im Sorry.Im so sorry"
6)"Oh...and i met a horse"
7)"Well then! Take me to your
leader.Always wanted to say
Doctor 11
(Right after regen)
2)"My whole brain
just went like what
the h**l(After falling
through a chimney on
X-mas day)
3)"You want weapons?
We're in a library!
Best weapons in the world!"
4)"Bow ties are cool"(Along
with Fezzes and Stetsons"
Doctors 10 and 11 Quotes
The TARDIS(Time And Relative Dimentions In Space) is The Doctor's Time machine.It is simply disguised as a Police telephone box from the 19th century
The Doctor when he was young(possibly 120-140 which is like a teenager for galifreyians) he stole the TARDIS from a galifreyian museum and went traveling ever since.
It is also bigger on the inside and will change the interior when damaged
"Its bigger on the inside!"
The Villains
Daleks are the main villian in Doctor Who. They were the enemy of the Time War with the Time Lords and they became extinct as well but one Dalek fell through the time vortex and landed in Utah in 2012. When the Doctor picked up the distress call(unaware of his mortal enemy) Rose Tyler accidently regenerated its power and it went on a rampage in the underground base where it was captive
Daleks live to exterminate all other lifeforms because their only feelings are superiority and hate.
The Dalek battle cry is loved by many "EX-TER-MINATE!" and they are very powerful with their one hit kill lazer and their near indestructable amour:Dalekanium
Planet of Origin: Skaro
Sub Species:Mutated Kaleds
Cybermen are near-human robots that have no emotions and recreate by transplanting human brains into robotic suits of amour or "Upgrading"
Planet of Origin: Parallel Earth and Mondas(Earths Twin Planet)
A.K.A: Human .2
Cybermen come from 2 places. Parallel Universe Earth made by John Lumic of Cybus Industries. And Mondas which is Earth's twin planet.
The Cybermen have very intresting survival methods, due to the fact they are made of steel, and they still have a human brain hooked up to the artificial nervous systems, they would freeze themselves in ice inside Cyber Tombs on Telos or any cold environment.
There are many Cyber-Forms instead of the normal Cyberman
Cyberman: Standard Cyber Form
Cyber-Leader: Cyberman given role as a leader
Cyber-Controller:John Lumic upgraded.
Cyber-Lord: The main leader of a battalion of cyberman
The Weeping Angels are aliens that look and act like statues
The Weeping Angels
[WARNING] NEXT VIDEO MAY CAUSE EYE DAMAGE! Close your eyes for 5 seconds to prevent this and go to next slide
Oh yeah, forgot to mention
The Angels will come to life and attack
if you blink or look away from them
in a split second.
Ok, heres the vid.
No eye probs, Late April Fools!
( or early, idk.)
The Fanbase
is basicaly HUGE!
Fanbase pics
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