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Ethical Issues in Data Mining

Presentation on the Ethical Issues Associated with Data Mining

Tyler Ashton

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Ethical Issues in Data Mining

ETHICAL ISSUES IN DATA MINING DID YOU KNOW? Just Because You Deleted Your Cookies You may still be tracked by advertisers while online? DID YOU KNOW?

Facebook has a feature that lets people find their friends on Facebook by scanning through e-mail addresses in their contact list…a marketer could take a list of 1,000 e-mail addresses, either legally or illegally collected – and upload those through a dummy account”. This would allow a marketing company to “see all the profiles created using those addresses” (Singel, Ryan, 2010) DID YOU KNOW?

Flash cookies have the ability to recreate deleted HTTP cookies, “taking the privacy-conscious step of deleting HTTP cookies to prevent unique tracking could be circumvented through ‘respawning’. The Flash cookie value would be rewritten in the standard HTTP cookie value, thus subverting the user’s attempt to prevent tracking” (Soltani, Canty, Mayo, Thomas, & Hoffnagle, 2009, p.160). DID YOU KNOW?

A 2001 Information Week survey found that 20% of companies store data about their customers that contain things such as medical profiles, salary and credit information. In addition to that, 15% reported storing customer’s legal history (Wilder, 2001). The Problem With Web Data Mining Large amounts of personal data available on the World Wide Web
Bots that mine through websites looking for data to analyze
Harmless information when combined with more information on the web can created a detailed profile of an individual The Ethical Questions Does data mining of public information violate a persons rights to privacy?
Does anonymizing result in . de-individualization?
Should a data miner have to inform individuals when their public information is mined?
What leagal protection should be implemented to protect privacy? QUESTIONS? Ethical Issues In Data Mining Tyler Ashton
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