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Sport Club Officers Meeting

No description

Caroline Schmitz

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Sport Club Officers Meeting

Sport Club Officers Meeting
August 25, 2014
Guest Speaker
GoJo Sports, Brandon Valdez
Kate's Travels, Kate Weinreich
Important Phone Numbers
In case of sport club emergencies:
Aaron Harris
Office: 970-491-2116
Cell: 970-430-6244
Athletic Trainer: Lindsey Jacobson
Office: 970-491-4130
Hosting Tournaments and Championships
Do you have an idea to host a tournament or championship?
CSU and the City of Fort Collins have established a great relationship in developing large events

Talk to Aaron if you have any ideas in this area

Student Organization Paper Work
Student Organization Annual Registration – It’s that time of year again – don’t forget to register your student organization for the 2013-2014 Academic Year by visiting www.RamLink.colostate.edu.

The annual registration form is available now!  Sport Clubs are required to be registered by September 1.  For more information on the annual registration process, visit: http://www.slice.colostate.edu/registration-process.aspx

Any club not registered by September 1 will have all practices cancelled and Sport Club accounts frozen

Sport Club Officer Meeting Schedule--
Fall 2014.
Code of Conduct
Please remember, every club NEEDS a faculty advisor.

The advisor can be as involved as you would like them to be but you must list someone that is not Aaron Harris.
TWO officers are required to be at each meeting

There will only be TWO All Sport Club meetings this year
This meeting and one in September.
Officers of each team will meet with their student advisor in a
meeting to talk about updates with Sport Clubs and the club.
Must set up times with the student advisor

Club Fundraising
Ideas on Blackboard RamCT:
Discussion board
Document of ideas
Football Parking
Still some available spots open
Email Aaron to request the spots
Fundraising Letters
Most letters are ready to print and send out.
If you have already contacted Aaron, your letters are ready and you just need to tell a Sport Club Advisor the number you want printed.
If you have not already contacted Aaron, your letters will take about 3-4 weeks to process.
At the service desk 9:00am until 5:00pm
Continued in 2013-14 Working on the fields / off campus facilities from 5:00pm – 7:00pm Monday - Thursday
Come in or e-mail at: CAMPUSREC_SportClubs@mail.colostate.edu
Call us! 970-491-3793
He is always willing and able to help you
In the office everyday from 8:00-5:00pm
Aaron can be reached at aaron.harris@colostate.edu or 970-491-2116
Do you need help?
Lindsey Jacobson is the full time Sport Club Athletic Trainer.
Works afternoons and evenings
Lindsey’s days off will generally be Monday’s and another date TBD
Practicum students from the HES program will assist Lindsey
All Sport Club participants can utilize injury care services.
The following clubs will receive coverage for games and practices (time permitting for practices)
Men’s / Women’s Ice Hockey
Men’s / Women’s Lacrosse
Men’s / Women’s Rugby
Men’s / Women’s Soccer
The following clubs will receive coverage based on availability
Men’s / Women’s Ultimate
Men’s / Women’s Volleyball
Injury Care
Currently Registered
Full fee paying student with 2.0 cumulative GPA
Part time on campus students
Enrolled in 1-6 credit hours
Must purchase a membership to the SRC
Faculty and Staff
(Associate Membership)
Must purchase a membership to the SRC

Check with national governing bodies for further participation restrictions

MUST maintain a 2.25 GPA
Each club needs to have at least 2 officers (President and Treasurer)
All Participants Must Carry a Picture ID to ALL Team Events!

There will be random ID checks. Any team found to have ineligible participants will have sanctions leveraged by the Sport Club Advisory Board
Who Can Play?
Do you know your Advisor?
Coaches and Advisors
All Coaches and non-student participants must pass a CSU background check before they are allowed to coach in a game or travel with a club.

Background checks take a MINIMUM of 3 weeks to get back.

Coaches may NOT coach in games or travel until background check is complete.
Coaches Meeting Schedule for the year
August 25th: 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Clark A202
September 21 or September 24: Hazing Awareness and Prevention Week activities
January: TBD
March/April: TBD

All coaches must attend all meetings, advisors are encouraged to attend
What we need from you...
Constant Communication
We need to know what’s going on!
After your games please let us know the results. This will help us promote your club for you
A COMPLETE schedule
Including home and away games
Fundraising events
Extra events
Please turn in all of your forms in a timely manner!
Updates to contact information
Sport Club Advisory Board
3 Board Vacancies for students, email Aaron for application

1 Board Vacancy for a Coach or Faculty Advisor

Current Club Representatives:
Madison Williams (W Rugby)
Saibra Rubadue (W Rugby)
Jared Wade (M Lacrosse)
Scott Wheeler (M Ultimate)
Advisory Board Duties
Review annual requests and develop a proposed budget

Evaluate and amend the Sport Club budget process

Review and approve requests for supplemental funding

Act as a liaison between Sport Clubs and its member organizations

Aid the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs, such as developing policies and procedures

Serve as the internal judicial board to hear and make decisions on minor offenses; this includes violations of University and Sport Club policies

Review & approve requests for the addition of new clubs

Assist in the classification on the Sport Club Tier system for budgeting
All of the forms have undergone changes

Old forms will NOT be accepted

New forms are found at the SC Desk or on Blackboard RamCT

Please remember it takes time to process ALL forms, plan for this!
New Forms
We are now using a new online process to help make your jobs and ours easier.

What is available:
New player packet: Code of Contact, Sport Clubs Waiver, Heath History form—needed for every participant in your club
Purchase Request Forms

Instructional Videos on how to fill out Docusign Purchase Request forms can be found on RamCT.

URL for New Player forms:
Deposit and Travel Forms
Print Legibly

Include a detailed description of deposit.

Donations go on separate donation form or done online.

Use Details of Deposit section for use by your club

Checks must include:
Date w/in 6 months
Name & address of check bearer
Matching written and numerical amount

If hotel is needed, fill out every line of the Hotel Info section. The traveler will meet with Saibra or Parker to reserve the hotel so it only needs to be done once.

Check the correct box for each question in the Transportation and Flight Info sections.

In the Description section, indicate on each line whether or not you will be using each item.

Turn in this form filled out at least 2 weeks prior to ANY trip.

Come in within one week of travel to complete a post-travel with any and all receipts or travel advance.
The officer that fills out the traveler info, MUST be traveling and on the players list below.

The Sport Club Office will NOT create professor letters with less than 7 business days notice. NO EXCEPTIONS

Players who have not completed all player forms will not be included in the professor letters until they are turned in.

Please write the legal names legibly of all people traveling. DO NOT print off a roster and staple it to the form.
For out of state travel, be sure to use our approved travel agent, Kate from New Horizons Travel
She can reserve airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars at lower prices.
She is very good at what she does so be sure to use her and give her enough lead time.
Contact her at 970-221-1543
Enterprise and Hertz are the two options for rental vehicles. Use the rate sheet at the Sport Club Office for rate comparisons.

To reserve a vehicle add the information on the travel sheet and let the Sport Club Advisor know that you want to reserve vehicles from a rental company.
15 passenger vans
Van drivers must be 21 years old
12 passenger vans
Van drivers must be 18 years old
Rental Vehicles
Only for trips that require hitches or bus rentals, use Motor Pool rather than Enterprise because:
Nicer vehicles
If vehicle breaks down, much easier to deal with.
Call to get a quote on vehicles then be sure to confirm the reservation.

For bus quotes, call Rob at 970-491-0116

Vehicles with hitches include:
12-passenger van
1.5 ton Truck

New Clothing Policy
Beginning this Fall, a new policy regarding clothing orders will be in place.

Clothing/Gear orders may be place
through the following vendors:
GoJo's Sports
Sport About
Burt's Shirts
C. C. Creations

This will decrease the red tape involved in your end of the paperwork and ours.

You will still be able to order your sport specific gear, but the orders must be placed through one of these vendors.
Administrative Issues
Sport Club Advisory Board will review and determine sanctions
Conduct Infractions
All University Hearing Board will review/investigate and determine sanctions
Hazing Policy
Hazing of any kind is

Note: All clubs must abide by the Colorado State University Student Code of Conduct
Lacrosse (M/W)
Soccer (M/W)



Inline Hockey
Ice Hockey (M/W)

Ultimate Frisbee (M/W)
Rugby (M/W)
Field Hockey

Volleyball (M/W)

Disc Golf
Figure Skating

Breakout session to meet with your Advisor!!
Thanks for your attention!

Best of luck to your clubs this season and we look forward to working with you all throughout!

And most importantly, GO RAMS!!
injuries must be reported the Athletic Trainer
of the injury occuring.
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