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Bollywood Prezi

Social Project

Preethi Akula

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Bollywood Prezi

People from all cultures and religions act in Bollywood
Tollywood/Telugu Cinema
Kollywood/Tamil Cinema
Mollywood/Malayalam Cinema
Sandalwood/Kanada Cinema
Lollywood/Punjabi Cinema
Marathi Cinema
Gujarati Cinema
How is a Bollywood movie like?
In Bollywood movies there are usually depressing and joyful scenes making them very emotional.
After some scenes there are musical numbers where actors and actresses perform.
Bollywood is producing more Hollywood remakes and Hollywood styled movies.
(props, sets, clothing, etc.)
It's just like a normal film you would watch at home. (Just don’t forget subtitles!)
Interesting Facts!!!
An actor named Hrithik Roshan has an extra thumb on his right hand, but that doesn't stop him from acting very well!
An actor and actress had to act for 4 weeks in London, Switzerland, Africa, Australia, and U.S.A for a 4 minute song.
In many Bollywood movies today, Hindi rap and country music has become very popular.
Some Bollywood songs get made into American songs. (Selena Gomez "Come and Get it", Pussy Cat Dolls "You are my Destiny cover of Jai Ho")
What is
Bollywood is included in the Indian Film Industry and it is also known as Hindi Cinema because it uses the Hindi language . It is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. Bollywood is called Bollywood since Bombay was Mumbai's former name.
(***Bollywood- informal Hindi Cinema- formal)
Bollywood isn't the Only Indian Film Industry...
Informational Facts
How has Bollywood Changed?
How has Bollywood
Remained the Same?
Hollywood Remakes in Bollywood
Many musical number are taken in foreign countries and different parts are taken in different countries, or locations!
Bollywood produce about 800-1000 films per year!
One Hindi movie includes at least 5 emotional scenes.
In a Bollywood movie directors usually keep every scene interesting.
Many Hollywood remakes are more emotional in the Bollywood version.
Musical numbers are mostly sung by different singers. (not the actor/actress)
When they have actresses that don't speak Hindi they have her lip talk and add a voice over.
known as...
The Hindi Cinema Industry
Latest & Popular Bollywood Movies
Bol Bachchan
Dabangg 2
Ektha Tiger
English Vinglish
Housfull 2
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Oh My God
Rowdy Rathore
Music & Arts in Bollywood
low quality
ancient characters
old actors
poor acting
low budget
low movie production rate
per year
better quality
hollywood remakes
better acting
youth actors
foreign movie styles
high movie production rate per year
singing, dancing
# 1 best movie
producers and directors
interesting plot
Latest & Popular Bollywood Headlines
An actress from Bollywood, named Priyanka Chopra, made a hit single with rapper Will .I .Am called "In My City" that was aired during the Super Bowl.
A song called "Why This Kolaveri Di" from Kollywood went to Bollywood and even Hollywood.
Bollywood Remakes & Dubbing in Various Indian Film Industries
बॉलीवुड बॉलीवुबॉलीवु
Bollywood Endorsements
History of Bollywood
Foreign Musicians in Bollywood
"Singh is Kinng" by Snoop Dogg
"Chammak Challo" by Akon
"Chaddi Wale Yaar" by Josh
"Chiggy Wiggy" by Kylie Minogue
"Sadda Haq" guitar solo by Orianthi Panagaris
Amir Khan
Abishek Bachan
Akshay Kumar
Hrithik Roshan
Shah Rukh Khan
Aishwarya Rai
Kareena Kapoor
Asin Thottumkal
Ileana D'Cruz
Katrina Kaif
Priyanka Chopra
Sonam Kapoor
"Mensxp.com." Mensxp. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013. <http://www.mensxp.com/entertainment/gossip/5881-foreign-musicians-in-india.html>.
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July 7th 1896-
Cinema becomes popular in India
1st film made in Bollywood(silent film)
Hollywood films impact Bollywood films
Bollywood produces a color and sound film
Bollywood produces romance and action films
Western music impacts Bollywood music
Cinema awards are popular in India
Religious epics impact Bollywood films
Bollywood becomes popular internationally
Disney Productions and Releases in Bollywood
Bollywood isn't the only Indian film industry with Disney productions. In our language (Tollywood) a film "Anaganga Oka Dheerudu" (Once Upon A Warrior) was produced by Disney.
Laughs of Bollywood
Boman Irani
Anupam Kher
Paresh Rawal
A.R. Rahaman Shreya Ghoshal Richa Sharma
Anushka Manchand Mohit Chauhan Sunidhi chauhan
Himesh Reshammiya
Preethi Akula
Gayathri Dhurjati
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