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Sugar By Brielle Webb

No description

Karen Callis

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Sugar By Brielle Webb

Sugar By Brielle Webb
Eating sugary foods kicks oof a chemical rection in the brain that makes you want more sweets.To much sugar can cause diabeties.Sugar can cause serious health problems and cavities.It can be hard to break bad eating habits.
Sugar is detrimental to your health.When you eat sugar,it kicks oof a chemical reaction that makes you wnt more.Sugar can cause health problems,cavities,and bad eating habits.This is all you need to know about sugar.
Sugar can be good and bad for your body.
It's fine to enjoy treats sometimes.Sugar gives you energy.Acording to someone,sugar doesn't cause diabieties,it helps your skin.Sugars consisr of ingredients that are easily matabalized.It makes you feel full.Finally,it has no harmful products.
Breakfeast food can be loaded with sugar!
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