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emily pirnak

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Pamplemousse

by: Kayle and Emily

Duck Pond
The duck pond is a main water source for the city.
It is the main recreation source for our town with activitys like kayaking,canoeing and fishing.
(duck pond)
The duck pond is refilled every spring by a natural river.
It is also a main tourist attraction
the pond is one of the biggest areas in our town

The stables is one of our tourism attractions with activities like horse back riding, riding lessons, horse riding races.
Fresh product are made almost every day from the animals. Cow milk is milked every day and made into cheese, milk, butter and other dairy products.
The stable is one of the biggest buildings in the town
The saloon is a resturant/ bar
The inspiration for our saloon came from old western movies and how the towns always have saloon.

Alliance School house/Church
The Alliance is a school house and church.
During the day from 10:00 to 3:00 are school hours.
The inspiration for this building came from a movie called "Little House on the Prairie"

Pamplemousse hotel
The hotel is one of the biggest buildings in the town
It is the only hotel in the city
The hotel consists of an upstairs.

Sheriff station
Created to keep crime out of the city
one of the smaller buildings in the town
Contains two jail cells

Coal mine
The coal mine is one of the most popular attractions to our town.
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