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A website that brings together amateur cooks and professional eaters.

Geng Wang

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of MamaZuoFan.com

MamaZuoFan.com The Problem for
College Students The Team The Problem for
People who
Love to Cook College students want quality meals at cheap prices, while amateur cooks are making extra food without opportunity to share We as a marketing
group are looking to
evolve MamaZuoFan Cooks Eaters Delivery Provides them with simple medium to use Can charge anything according to their preference Provides cheap, quality food An easy to use website for finding food Option for people to sign up to help with delivery Due to licensing concerns, no delivery as of yet Community and infinite possibility Clubs Logo Social
Media Marketing Target Customers
26,000 college students in Fudan University
Projected customer population: 5,200 Market Size What
are the prices? Cook sets price, but on average 25 yuan per meal
Market Dynamics Why would our customers buy? Conveniant
Cheaper Growth Expansion into other districts and cities
Offering more product specifications Derailing incumbents Pioneer for the first social culinary network Competitors:
Local Restaurants
Other Food Delivery Services
Current Position:
Brand new service
Promote community awareness
Current Defense:
No real competition at this point Sales Strategy How we get revenue Ads Premium Merchandise Ad clicks -> ¥ 0.30
By credit -> ¥2,000
By time -> adjusted monthly Golden Knife -> ¥ 20
No adsInvitations to eventsFinancial forecast
Platinum Pan-> ¥ 100
Top of searches Aprons Dishes Paper boxes
Tupperware Clothes Utensils Human Resources *Once in a month, group meets and has discussion for service improvement Finance Commission Pricing Revenue Model Questions? Geng Cherry Joann Agus Matt College students in Fudan University
Locals in Yangpu District /Baidu Total 5 7 10
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