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Copy of Book Talk Nancie Atwell's In the Middle

No description

Nancy Thornsberry

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Book Talk Nancie Atwell's In the Middle

Book Talk for the Language Arts Teacher
Nancie Atwell's In the Middle

Anticipation Guide: The Reading-Writing Workshop
Reading Workshop
Writing Workshop
Using Reading Journals
Creating Readers
Check List for Your Next Writer's Workshop
Using a reading and writing workshop model allows for authentic learning experiences for students.

A successful workshop model requires significant class time for students to read an write as a part of the curriculum.

Having the ability to confer with students during the writing process helps students become more effective writers

Reading and writing workshops keep students accountable for their own learning

Students learn standards based skills through the workshop model
The classroom library should be well stocked with to a variety of engaging, and quality literature so that students can self-select books that are rich and interesting.

While studens are able to self select books, they are held accountable for what the read. They must use logs to keep track of the books they have read, are reading, and even books that they started reading but have abandoned.

Additionally, students must write reactions about what they are reading in their reader's journal.

For middle school students, reacting to literature must be taught, so it is important to model this process and provide mini-lessons on how to respond to a piece of writing.

A well stocked classroom can help to create a lifelong reader.

One online tool that can help you track the books you have and the books you lend, as well as provide students with information about the books (including reviews by peers) is "Booksource's Classroom Organzier" http://classroom.booksource.com/
In a writing workshop, students are given significant time to write. This is usually four consecutive days a week plus an hour's worth of writing for homework each week.

In this time, students focus on craft and a variety of genre's which are informed by mini-lessons and read-alouds that occur before each session.

During the workshop, students confer with each other and with their teacher for advice on how to improve their writing.
The reading journal serves as a means of keeping students accountable for their reading, and helps students to learn to talk about and analyze books.
One way to use journals in your classroom is to require a weekly response.

___ 3 folders with pockets and grommets (reading, spelling, daily writing)
___ 3 folders with only pockets (texts and lyrics, homework, permanent writing)
___ 1 marbled composition book at least 100 pages for reading journal
___ 1 spiral for reading-writing handbook
___ 2 clipboards for each class: 1 status of the class record for a week of writing workshops and 1 status of the class record for a month of reading
___Reading and writing expectations (Atwell, 111-114) type lists and  make enough for each student insert into reading and daily writing
___Rules for reading and writing workshop (Atwell, 115-117) photocopy and hole punch, put into student folders and discuss on first days of school

Reference Materials : dictionary, thesaurus, Writers Inc., crate with hanging files each with samples of writing organized by genre. Samples include models by students, professionals, and the teacher.
(Atwell, 485).

Atwell Discuses the Reading-Writng Workshop Model
Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.
Atwell Egaging a Student in a Mini Book Talk During Reader's Workshop
Helping Students Engage with Books
Topics for approaching book talks
1. How the author wrote
2. The author
3. Classification of Books by Genre
4. Reader's Strategies
5. Recommendations
6. Reader's response
(Atwell 263-270).
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