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Professional Development

No description

Andrea Barnard

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Professional Development

Differentiating Instruction Through Collaboration & Consultation Differentiating Instruction through collaboration and consultation with the special education teacher, faculty, and multidisciplinary team to create an inclusive environment. BREAKING IT DOWN... Differentiating Instruction: Adaptation of instruction to student differences
Teachers modify instruction to meet individual student readiness levels, preferences, and interests.
Content, Process, Product and learning environment are classroom elements that can be differentiated.
(According to The Center For Exceptional Children) BREAKING IT DOWN... Collaboration & Consultation: A practice in which a team of individuals, each representing their own expertise, work together to provide assistance to the general education classroom teacher for the purpose of a disabled child.
BREAKING IT DOWN... BREAKING IT DOWN... Inclusion: Multidisciplinary Team: Formed of professionals from different professions who work independently of one another to assist students with disabilities.
Educating students with disabilities in a general education classroom
(Heward, W.L. (2009). Planning and Providing Special Education Services. In 'Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (pp. 124-127). Pearson Edition. (Heward, W.L. (2009). Planning and Providing Special Education Services. In 'Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (pp. 124-127). Pearson Edition. (Heward, W.L. (2009). Planning and Providing Special Education Services. In 'Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education (pp. 124-127). Pearson Edition. Jason is a first grade student who has minimal verbal skills, low fine motor skills, and behavior problems. His abilities in reading and writing exceed the expectations for his grade level, and he is learning to communicate in alternative ways. Jason is in the general education classroom 90% of the day, making it essential for his general education classroom teacher to have a strong support system within the school. Meet The Support Team The general education classroom teacher receives support and expert advice through collaboration with the speech pathologist, occupational therapist, special education teacher, behavior interventionist, school counselor, and others. Speech Pathologist Jason receives intensive instruction outside the classroom with the speech pathologist to work on achieving set language goals.

The speech pathologist co-plans activities with the general classroom teacher that reinforce these goals in the general education classroom.
Occupational Therapist Picture Exchange Communication Books: A great classroom tool used to help nonverbal students communicate by the use of pictures. The occupational therapist works with Jason to develop and improve his abilities to perform and carry out tasks.

The teacher is also given tools to help Jason feel more comfortable in their working environment. Special Education Teacher The special education teachers helps the general classroom teacher implement the appropriate objectives for student learning.

They co-plan with a focus on functional and essential learning while differentiating insturction for Jason. Behavior Interventionist The behavior interventionist provides the classroom teacher with strategies, training, and information on how to handle the behavior challenges Jason is faced with. School Counselor The school counselor makes sure that Jason's emotional needs are being met.

The counselor is one of many individuals who takes on the role of informing the general education teacher and students of the appropriate classroom environment needed for Jason, as well as the challenges he faces each day. Other Tools used: 1. Sign Language

2. Dynavox www.starfall.com Meet Jason
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