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Winter's Bone

No description

Jamie Robinette

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Winter's Bone

Ashley Perez
Thoughts on the Book
Image by Tom Mooring
Winter's Bone
Michael Toler
Anna Litschke
Plot Summary:
Ree goes out to visit Thump Milton because he may have information about her father. She is stopped by a woman who says he does not want to speak with her so Ree gets upset, says rude things and the lady throws a cup at her head. Ree leaves and spends the night in a cave. The next day Blond Milton comes to take Ree to a house that had been blown up from an explosion of a meth or crank lab. He tells Ree this is the last place her father was seen.
Presented By:
Written By:
Daniel Woodrell
Morgan Lewis
Plot Summary:
Ree's first stop on the search for her father is her Uncle Teardrops home where she is given no information about the location of her father. On her way back home, she visits her old friend Gail who is now married with a baby. The next day Ree rides the bus with her little brothers to school so she can go visit Little Arthur, who may have information on where her father which he does not.
Plot Summary
: Our novel begins by introducing the main character Ree Dolly, her two brothers Sammy and Harold, and their mother whom does not take care of any of the household chores, Ree does. A sherff arrives at the home to let Ree know that her father, Jessup, has skipped bail and he put their house up to make bail. Ree decides to go look for her father.
Instance of Health
: Ree's mother takes pills to get through the day which leaves her completely unproductive.
Connections to Kiefer
: In Chapter 1, Kiefer defines poverty as "lack of sufficient money" to purchase the necessary things to live as well as having debts, mortgages, and other fixed assets. In our novel, the family cannot afford to pay a bail bond, so the house is put up for it.
Connections to Class
: We have discussed if socioeconomic is fair or not, Ree and her family are in an unfair situation because her father has to make bail and they cannot afford to live anywhere else if the house is taken away.
Instance of Health:
The novel is filled with instances of drug use and even making drugs. These drugs have negative effects on one's health if used enough.
Connections to Kiefer:
Kiefer talks about how the poor are very reliant on their kin. In our novel, Ree relies a lot on her family to help her out finding her father.
Connections to Class:
In class, we have talked about how poverty is based off "expert" opinions and not by experience. In our book we are given an up close and personal view of what its like to live in poverty.
Tia Jackson
Instance of Health:
During this part of the novel, Ree's brother Sonny has been beat up at school and the author gives us a visual of what he looks like. Also creating meth causes high levels of toxicity which is bad for your health.
Connections to Kiefer:
Kiefer talks about how it is important to know where the person comes from to keep them honest and open to provide information for a health care professional. Ree is reluctant to ask for help so it would be clear that a health care professional would need to find out information about Ree's lifestyle from others.
Connections to Class:
We have talked in class before about other things besides income that would classify one as living in poverty. In Ree's case, it is easy to tell she lives in poverty because of her family environment, community stability, personal history, and property.
Plot Summary:
Gail has left her husband, Floyd, and comes to stay with Ree. They decide to go and try find Jessup at his old girlfriends' house. She has not seen him for two weeks and when she did see him the, he acted like he didn't know her. They start back home and get stuck on a bridge due to pigs getting loose. Ree goes out and try to help catch the pigs and sees her dads car in the backed up traffic. It gets away before she can make it to the car.
Instances of Health:
Ree's mother could not remember if Gail's baby was her own. Also Ree and Gail smoke marijuana around the baby and have negative effects from the drug.
Connections to Keifer:
In chapter 4 Kiefer talks about sociological and demographics factors that the poor face. Gail had to change and feed her baby where ever she could because her husband left her with nothing.
Connections to Class:
We have talked in class about how everyone does not have the same opportunities. Ree and her family definitely do not have the same opportunities as others.
Jamie Robinette
Instances of Health:
When Ree tries to tell her mother what's going on with the house so she can help too, her mother doesn't get it. She is so far removed from her body mentally from years of depression and pills.
Plot Summary:
Gail comes back to stay with Ree after going home and getting kicked out by her husband, he also kept the baby. Ree takes Sonny and Harold out to teach them how to kill squirrels for food. Sonny is very excited about it but Harold is disgusted by their guts. They made him touch the guts anyway. Uncle Teardrop goes to visit Ree and told her to put down all the trees to make money for her family before they take her land, she did not want to. Ree tries to tell her mother whats going on and she does not act like she cares.
Connections to Kiefer:
In Chapter 5 Kiefer talks about America's lack of attention to minimum income. This reflects on the novel because the entire community Ree lives in is struggling and no one seems to want to help, even when you have children to feed.
Connections to Class:
We have spoke in class before about how poverty can cause people to feel hopeless and even become depressed. Ree's mother has hit this point, she is depressed because of the situation she is in.
Sylvestre Krangni
Plot summary:
Ree goes back to Thump Milton's house to get more information. Upon her arrival she is met by some women who beat her up. Uncle Teardrop comes to save her and is told to make her mind her business or he will be in trouble too.
Instances of Health:
Ree is given pain pills from her neighbor instead of going to the hospital.
Connections to Keifer:
According to Keifer, poor people have less access to health care. Instead of going to a hospital, Ree is taken care of by her family and friends.
Connection to Class:
Our novel connects to the word clouds that we did in class. Ree and her family live in the typical situation you would think a poor family lives in.
Crissia Grissom
Plot Summary:
Ree is still recovering from being beat up. She wonders if her and her family could live in a cave once the government takes their home and what she could take from the house with her. Uncle Teardrop stays at the house with a rifle just in case someone tries to come after Ree. Gail is also still around helping out, she takes Ree to a watering hole to help heal her body.
Instance of Health:
Ree is still healing from her beating with illegal pills and going to the natural spring to ease the pain.
Connections to Keifer:
We again see where Ree does not have enough money to go to a hospital to seek medical attention, she uses her own resources. Kiefer talks about the poor having limited access to health care.
Connections to Class:
We continually talk about how lack of jobs contributes to poverty in class. If Jessup could have obtained a real job then maybe his family may not be in this situation.
Brooklynn Pannell
Plot Summary:
Uncle Teardrop tries to take Ree to where her father's body is but his pulled over by the Sheriff. The ladies who beat Ree then come get her and take her to the place. They put a bag over her head so she cannot go back to the spot. They cut her father's hand off so Ree can give it to the bondsman to prove Jessup's dead.
Instances of Health:
There is a lack of sleep theme that carries throughout this section. Ree doesn't get must rest and neither does uncle Teardrop.
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