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Trojan War

No description

Valeria Davila

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Trojan War

Trojan War
By Valeria Davila

Historical Cause of the Trojan War
The 'Iliad' is a tale of heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses. But most of it is the story of Achilles and him slaying the Trojan hero Hector. The Iliad was written by Homer.
Legend of the Trojan War
The purpose of the war was to recover the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. She was the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta. But she had been carried off to Troy by Paris, son of King Priam of Troy. Menelaus sought out revenge and went to Troy to retrieve her.
Apple of Discord
The Apple of Discord is a golden apple from Eris. Eris was furious for she was not invited to Peleus and Theis's wedding. She stormed into the wedding banquet and threw the golden apple on the table. She proclaimed it belonged to fairest. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite reached for the apple. Zeus let Paris choose whom he thought was the fairest.

Helen is the daughter of Zeus and the queen of Sparta. She is the wife of Menelaus. She was considered the most beautiful women in the world. Helen was the major reason of the start of the Trojan War.
King Menelaus
Menelaus was the son of Atreus and the brother of Agamemnon. He was married to Helen, and became the ruler of Helen's homeland, Lacedaemon (Sparta). He was the one who claimed vengeance against the Trojans for taking his wife, Helen.
King Agamemnon
Agamemnon was the son of Atreus and the brother of Menelaus. He was the king of either Mycenae (in Homer) or of Argos (in some later accounts), and was the leader of the Greek forces during the Trojan War.
The son of Laertes and was the ruler of the island kingdom of Ithaca. He was one of the major Greek leaders in the Trojan War, and was the hero of Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus came up with the plan to build the Trojan Horse.
Achilles was the son of the Peleus and the Thetis. He was the mightiest of the Greeks who fought in the Trojan War, and was the hero of Homer's Iliad. Achilles was killed by Paris, with the aid of Apollo, with a bow and arrow. His amor was then fought over between Odysseus and Ajax. Odysseus won. He conquered 23 towns in Trojan territory.

Ajax was the son of Telamon, king of Salamis. After Achilles, he was the mightiest of the Greek heroes in the Trojan War. After Ajax had lost Achilles armor to Odysseus he became mad and killed himself.
King Priam
Priam was the son of Laomedon and was the king of Troy. He became king after Laomedon and all of Priam's brothers were killed. When Achilles had killed Hector, Priam had to go into the Greeks territory and plead to Achilles for his body. Priam was killed by Achilles son, Neoptolemus.
A Trojan priest. He threw a lance at the wooden horse of the Greeks and warned the Trojans about it. The gods had two huge serpents emerge from the ocean and they tore Laocoon and his two sons apart.
The Trojan Horse
When the Greeks had attacked Troy for ten years without results, they pretended to retreat. They left behind a huge wooden horse, in which a number of Greek heroes, among whom Odysseus, had hidden themselves.
Hector was the eldest son of Priam and Hecuba. He was the husband of Andromache.
Hector was the mightiest warrior on the side of Troy during the Trojan War, and he led many of the attacks against the Greek troops. He was eventually killed by Achilles who dragged his body by tying him to the end of the chariot.
Andromache was the daughter of Eetion, ruler of the Cilician city of Thebe. She was the wife of the Trojan hero Hector and the mother of Astyanax.. When Troy was captured she became the slave of Neoptolemus, Achilles son.
Hera was on the side of the Greeks during the Trojan War. I'm inferring that she was on the Greeks side because her son, Hephaestus, was on their side too.
Athena was on the Greeks side during the Trojan War. I'm inferring she is on the Greeks side because she took a liking into Odysseus, whom is on the Greeks side, and wants to help him out.
The Trojan Horse
The spy Sinon convinced the Trojans, despite the warnings of Laocoon, to move the horse inside the city as a war trophy. The following night, the Greeks left the wooden horse and attacked the celebrating Trojans, and finally conquered Troy.
Aphrodite was on the side of Troy during the Trojan War. I inferred she was on their side because the prince of Troy, Paris, had claimed her the most beautiful goddess.
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The historical cause of the Trojan War was the Judgment of Paris. Paris chose Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess. In return she promised him Helen. Paris took Helen from Menelaus and this is how the Trojan War began
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The Judgement of Paris
Paris had to choose between Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. Athena promised him wealth, Hera promised him power, and Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris chose Aphrodite and Aphrodite gave him Helen as a wife. He abducted Helen while Menelaus was away from his kingdom.
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