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Philosophy and Careers

No description

bryan frances

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Philosophy and Careers

Philosophy and Careers
College students usually become interested in Philosophy in their first year of college after exposure to one or more courses in the field. Interest in majoring or minoring in Philosophy is usually a response to all that is intrinsically interesting in the subject matter: its attempt to …
The questions that Philosophy addresses are important in themselves,
and their study is often personally very rewarding for students in forming their own beliefs, value-judgments, and life-commitments.
Philosophy and Careers
What to tell friends and family members who fear that a Philosophy Major or Philosophy Minor will be a disadvantage in getting a good professional job and developing a successful career after college!

(there are going to be many)
Those are real philosophers:
Or, you could become a philosopher...
... and so on
Or, you could go on to graduate studies—and just marvel at how well Philosophy prepares one for the entry exams:
People who study Philosophy usually learn to be happy without a lot of money, but this doesn't mean they don't earn a decent living
But first, a quick look at salaries...
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