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...........The Savanna...........

No description

Austin Fortman

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of ...........The Savanna...........

:...........The Savanna...........:
The Location
The Weather
There are only two seasons in the
The Plants
1 Most of the savannas are near the equator.
The blue is the savanna
1.The savanna is located in
South America,Africa,Asia,And Australia.
1.The summer
2. The winter
The Summer is the wet season
The Winter is the dry season
The Animals
a lioness
A giraffe
two zebras

an elephant
baby cheetah
A pitcher plant
the great Acacia
A blazing star
Savanna Facts
2 The savanna is mostly made up of grass, there are few trees
3 Almost half of Africa is a savanna

by Austin Fortman
A blazing star is
a pink flower
the acacia is a tree with
an overhang
The pitcher plant
eats what ever
passes by it
Hunts by herself
hides from
Cleans with it's
Eats from trees
are striped and eat plants
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