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No description

Grace Blackburn

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of goals

Lesson 1
learing new skills increases your self respect
your self conept is the way you think about your self
your self concept is made of feelings and impressions
Lesson 3
Exercise can help you work out your anger
self control is the ability to maintain
grief and sorrow that lasts for a while .
chapter 1
by grace
Lesson 4
shared ideals and interest are equally important in mixed groups .
part of growing up is learning to accept resposibility for your actions and choices.
its natural to wish that good things could last forever.
Lesson 5
a conflict is a dispute or a strong
brainstroming is used to create a
list of as many solutions to the problem .
people live and work together so its important for them to get along.
Lesson 6
tolerance helps you form healthy relationships with peop[e.
Collaboration improves relationships and reduces conflicts.
friends collaborate when you work together on a class assignment.
self control.
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