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No description

d a

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Lego-Eco

next generation packaging ...that will last for next generations! a green textile packaging solution,
converting to playmats
and providing long-term storage boxes cares for users LEGO Earth attractive and useful for kids pull the ropes and box-it-up! easy tidy up for caretakers durable
storage solution storage provided as a part of LEGO sets easy further development & adjustment

different forms possible easy and low cost transport stackable, being
flat or box adaptable to
board games outside/travel
usage out, on the box inside, on the playmat example models presented
both on the box
and on the playmat enhanced
functions LEGO goes further for its customers durable
fabric velcro manilla
rope metal bars through edges eco-friendly materials
simple form & production simplified form:
no waste of raw materials
during production sustainable extended life-cycle:
reused for storage stackable
with min. space required:
low energy use
for transport no petroleum based
materials processed:
lower CO2 footprint,
recyclable higher
customer satisfaction
& fidelity appeal
for new customers enhanced customer experience Thanks for your interest. 17/09/2012 for by Deniz Altuntas 17/09/2012 for by Deniz Altuntas
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