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Kims way to

No description

kim tyarks

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Kims way to

stone coast Acadmey
Its excepted by 50 states!
Stone Coast Academy is an online, private high school. Our High School Diploma Online Program

Stone Coast Academy offers a comprehensive online High School Diploma program that can allow you to earn your diploma from the comfort and convenience of your home or office
is it a diploma or a GED
what do I want to do in life??
I honestly dont know yet. I know for a fact cosmotology might be the answer but i love working with kids.
The total cost of the program including your diploma and transcripts is $159.

In order to get your high school diploma, you must pass 5 courses, just as you would to get your GED. Courses include:
Social Studies
Language Arts Reading
Language Arts Writing

test taking
You must take each of the exams listed above and pass with a 70% or higher. If you fail one or more of the exams, you can to re-take it at no additional charge. Students must also verify their identity by sending a legible copy of a government issued identification.

what wow!!!

When you successfully complete all 5 exams, you will be granted a high school diploma from Stone Coast Academy along with an official set of transcripts that can be submitted to employers.
how long does this take???
less than a year!!!!
why is public school not for me??
Honestly kids make me feel like i dont belong! Im not smart enough. when I take a test at school and cant use my notes even though i studied my mind goes blank

I'm not graduating with a GED this is a High school Diploma!

Please understand Im doing what I believe what is best for me!
Kims way to

Our diploma has been accepted by employers across the country and is a fast and inexpensive way to get a better job and get a better salary.
Thank you!!!!
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