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persuasive speech on drugs

No description

Sierra Pugh

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of persuasive speech on drugs

BY:Sierra Pugh Persuasive Speech On Why Not To Do Drugs. Ladies and Gentlemen... Statistics Side Affects Why Not To Do It.... Why Kids Do It..... In Conclusion... Thanks
Watching 60% of teens say it's easy to obtain drugs on an everyday bases like at school.
20% of eighth graders have tried marijuana.
28% of teens have said they know a close friend that does drugs.
40% of teens said they started drinking under the age of 13. Affects brain
Causes Organ Failure
Decreases the nervous system
Causes hallucinations
DEATH Attention?
To deal with stress?
Peer Pressure?
Low Self-Esteem?
Celebes Do? Physical/Mental health...
Future Dreams and Goals... Be smart about your health
and don't do drugs and
don't live in a van down by
the river.
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