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The funniest joke in the world

No description

Florian Bonetto

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The funniest joke in the world

Effects of laugh ? You and laugh ! Laugh Richard Wiseman was hired by BAAS
New project : 'Laugh Lab' on the Internet Some 'good jokes' :

An idiot is walking along a river when he sees an other idiot on the other bank. The first one tells to the second: 'How do we make to pass on the other side? ' . The second answers:
'You are already on the other side!'

A man was very happy because he succeeds in finishing a puzzle in 30 minutes whereas on the box it was written : '5 to 7 years' THE EXPERIMENT Why we laugh ? Post a joke Mark jokes Age
Nationality Sense of superiority The characters seem stupid
They don't understand obvious situations
Persons who have authority are ridiculed
French laugh at Belgians, Germans laugh at the Irish Who laughs?
Who makes jokes? We laugh when we feel concerned
A joke about the elderly is more funny for the elderly than for the youth.
A joke which mock women in less funny for them Joke !! Haha! Joke !! Haha! 60 % 40 % And what about scientist' jokes ? Psychological effect Relaxing action : defense against sadness, stress and depressed mood Psychoanalyst : humour and laugh are a way to turn away from psychological pain Freud : a reflex to anticipate the birth of unhappiness Beaumarchais : I hurry to laugh of everything, not to have to cry about this. Physiological effect Diaphragm : contraction and relaxation -> internal gymnastics

This gym acts on lung, cardiovascular system, and abdominal organs.

Internal Massage : brings a well-being and relaxation after a hysterical laughter A recent study : laugh (and sens of humour) is effective to prevent from cardiovascular diseases and especially from the heart attack. In 1939, people laughed 15 min/day

Today : it's less than 5min Why do you thing people laugh less today? 40 years ago, people coped 4 situations of stress per week.

Today, it's more than 20 per day. For you, what are the reasons
of this extra stress ? Doctors recommend to laugh 10 min per days. And you, How long do you
laugh per day ? One minute of hysterical laughter is equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation. Do you often have a hysterical laughter ?
With who ? In what situation ? What are your solutions to be less stress when you have a little difficulty or something unexpected ?

And what do you do to feel well-being everyday ? Two hunters are in the woods, when one of them suddenly collapses. He wasn't breathing, and his eyes looked glazed. Thinking quickly, the other guy grabs his cell phone and calls for help. He shouts at the emergency operator, "I think my friend is dead! What do I do!?"

"Calm down", the operator says in a soothing voice, "I can help you. But first, we need to make sure he's dead."

The phone goes silent for a second, then the operator hears a gunshot; "Ok", says the hunter, "now what?"
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