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Taking a step to sustainability

Nick Musey

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of GreenHouse

What is GreenHouse?
Main Functions
In-home touch screen panel that shows electricity, water, and gas consumption per minute, hour, day, month, and year
Suggests Energy Star Certified Appliances specific to appliance wasting the most energy
App that can wireless access same information and remote control appliances including thermostat, lights,
Platform Layout
House divided into four separate sections
Electricity, Water, Gas
Each category has separate readings of consumption
Trading Area Analysis
HQ in Atlanta, GA
Appeals to audience of college students to families across the country
Suggested retail of $250/unit
Found using survey of 50 college students and 50 different parents in Metro-Atlanta are
Iris- Lowe's product that allows consumers to customize and monitor home's functions remotely
MyWater- gadget that displays daily residential water usage
Competitive Advantage: no other business in the market provides a product that allows home-owners to monitor their three main sectors of energy consumption (electricity, water, and gas)
Proposed Organization
Owned by two co-founders/co-CEOs
Nick Musey and Niki Nourollahi
Personnel to cover financial, technological, operational, and marketing needs
Analysis of Business Situation

The Solution: Sustainability
1. Introduction to Sustainability
2. What does GreenHouse do about sustainability?
3. Product Description
4. Analysis of Business Situation
5. Operations
6. Financing
7. Wrap Up

The Problem: Us
Market Segment Analysis
Target market:
Homeowners and apartment owners of middle to upper-class
Upperclassmen college students managing money for 1st time
Potential Locations
Available in all Home Depots across the country
Projected Three Year Income Statement
Projected Balance Sheet

Researching and Development
Real Estate
Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures
Total Start-Up Costs
Sales Forecast
Where your funding will go:
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