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Knowledge Management Application

No description

Dora Festa

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Knowledge Management Application

Knowledge Management Application
Theoretical Framework
Decision Support System
Expert System

What is the Knowledge Management Processes?
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Why do we need a decision support system?
Expert System
Knowledge Application: Routines
Ingrid Hagberg
Dora Festa
Bachelor in Business - Management
MSc in Management in Lugano
Love traveling and music
Yangzi Sunny Wangsun
MSc Business Administration
Bachelor in Engineering Management
Engergetic and curious
Love travelling and dancing!
The development of new tacit or explicit knowledge from data
and information or from the synthesis of prior knowledge.

Explicit Knowledge
Tacit Knowledge
Process of retrieving either
explicit or tacit knowledge that
resides within people, artefacts,
or organizational entities.

Explicit Knowledge into Implicit
Tacit Knowledge into Explicit
Process through which explicit or tacit knowledge
Is communicated to other individual.

Sharing of Tacit Knowledge
Sharing of Explicit knowledge
Support the process through which
individuals utilize the knowledge
possessed by other individuals
without actually acquiring, or learning, that knowledge.

It involve the utilization of knowledge embedded in procedures, rules, and norm that guide future behavior.

It refers to the precess through which
individuals possessing the knowledge direct the action of another individual without transferring to the person the knowledge underlying the direction.
Routines economize on communication more than direction because they are embedded in procedures or technologies.
Knowledge Application System
System Developing Process
Case Library Development Process
Database Mining Process
System Operation Process
Management Process
Knowledge Transfer Process
Facilitate decision making
Increase efficiency
Save time/money
Demo: D-Sight Decision Support System
Mechanism and Tecnologies

Traditional hierarchical relationship in organizations
Help Desks
Support Centers


Experts' knowledge embedded in expert systems
Decision Support System
Troubleshootting systems
Mechanisms and Technologies

Organizational polices
Work practices


Expert System
Enterprise resource planning systems
Traditional Management Information System
Market products to over 180 countries
Represents 150 nationalities working on branding, R&D, supply chain, etc.
Ranked #7 among Top 50 Companies for Diversity (DiversityInc)
Recognized #6 on its annual Supply Chain Top 25 (Gartner)
#2 for Soaps and Cosmetics industry (Fortune)
How does P&G meet the demand of
4.8 billion of its customers?

RTCIS by P&G | Snapshot of a warehouse
Millions of dollars wasted on overs, shorts and damage (OS&D)
Root Cause:

Unit load damage by converting to pallet handling and designing for pallet fit.
Knowledge Application
a warehouse management system
Warehouse computer sends Radio Frequency signal to on-board computer terminals

- correct information on warehouse content
- location of every pallet of product
- provides pick list based on:
- load density and crush indexes
- group palletload to minimize damage
and maximize loading efficiencies
- most efficient pick tours
Business Results
Pickers are relieved of critical decision-making
Focus on quality and accuracy
Productivity raised more than 20% at two of P&G's Health Care/Beauty Care distribution centers
Quality of truck loads have improved with predictable maximum height
Our Group
Bina Chua
MSc Knowledge Management
Regional Business Solutions Analyst, Asia Pacific for Menarini Asia Pacific Holdings
Technology Consultant for Hewlett-Packard
Staffing Consultant for Hewlett-Packard
Behavioral Science and Marketing Management
Coffee lover, running enthusiast, loves to travel
Demo 1
For decision making:
Restaurant Advisor Expert System


Demo 2
For trouble shooting:
Diagnostic and Repair System
for the Citation X aircraft

Source: igcseict.info © Steve Copley
An expert system is a problem-solving computer program that attempts to act like a human expert on a particular domain which is difficult and requires specialized knowledge and skills.
Where Are Expert Systems Used?
Medical diagnosis
Strategy Games
Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Multiple expertise
Fast and unemotional responses at all times
Cannot easily adapt
Can be difficult to use

Ethical problem:
do you really trust a computer medical expert system over a doctor???
BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management
MSc Quality and Operations Management
Loves music and all that comes with - playing, singing, listening and dancing!
'Helps the decision-maker to utilize data and models to solve unstructured or semi-structured problems.'
Knowledge Application:
We discuss what knowledge application system are, along with design considerations, and specific type of intelligent technologies that enable such system.

We discuss also about the knowledge utilization benefit from two processes that do not involve the actual transfer or exchange of knowledge between the individuals:
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