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A Dive into Team 4

No description

Jaykob Garza

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of A Dive into Team 4

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Our Struggles and Our Assets :)
The most trouble they had was with the wheels. The easiest was were the metal parts. The thing they found easy but kinda hard were the screws.
Who is in Group 4?
First off let's start with the one who created this prezi MEEEE Jaykob. Our two builders were Debby and Reyna (it's not very surprising they're both builders right?) Our team leader was Kaitlyn, GO KAITLYN. Our Go-getter was Alexandra.
Team 4's work and how we
This video is gonna show how we worked K :)

A Dive into Team 4
Expectation V.S Reality
The way I thought it was gonna go was very well. That's how it went at first. At first we did amazing we did work everyday but, this week has been stress filled week. The only ones that have been working have been Me, Kaitlyn, Sometimes Debby and Sometimes Reyna... Alexandra did only like basically no work but she did 2 days according to her............
Today we are going to discuss engineering and how we did when we were building what struggles we had and what was easy and simple for us. Well lets dive right into this Prezi...
Our progress throughout the days
Our progress was slow, we were behind. We maybe got through a step a day. We got through two or three steps in a day maybe once. So were behind.
Our group did good week the first few days. Then it got a little out of hand. Then we got back on it. I am very confident that our clawbot will be good and that it will work.
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