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My Personal Development Plan

MGST 770

Tushar Patel

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of My Personal Development Plan

Tushar's Personal Development Plan
Continuous Learning
Find a mentor, be a mentor
Speak with Meaning
Take opportunities to present in front of people
Physical and Mental Health
Strength training 1 - 2 times a week
Motivate, inspire and achieve change in others
Coach Football
Take the coaching courses to be certified for athletics
Find a school in need of a quarterback/receiver coach
Be committed to see the kids grow
Teach Nixon (my son) how to throw a football
Be active in Nixon's life with all his sporting activities
Coach Nixon's high school football team
My kids view me as a role model
Yoga 2 - 3 times a week and Meditation
Meditation at least 15 minutes a day
Cardio training 1 - 2 times a week
Take a course every year
Eat whole foods 5 days a week
Cook 75% of the meals in the week
Retrospect your life every year
Change jobs/roles every 2 - 5 years
Write about your experiences and what you'd do differently
Try something new every year
Do something again you want to do better
Open mindedness, Positivity, Adaptability, Trust and Honesty
Try new things
Be mindful
Believe good things happen when we wait
Enjoy the growth process
Results are reduced stress, strong relationships, better decision making ability and appreciation for life
Join the Toastmasters Club
Results = Ability to motivate, inspire and facilitate change in people
Be uncomfortable
Be open and honest with others first
Its ok to be vulnerable
The glass is always half-full
Convince others change is good and necessary
I will achieve a trust from others and a higher sense of self
Having meaningful conversations with people regularly
Its about the journey not the destination
Adopt and implement the right technology
Build strong teams, encourage teamwork, grow people
Advance the business
Be prepared, be proactive not reactive
Show results, demand results
Learn to swim by age 42
2020 - Find a job in the United Kingdom, travel Europe
2024 - Find a job in Malaysia, travel the pacific rim
2025 - Find a job in the United States
Experience new and wonderful things
Enjoy Life
Learn to play the guitar by 40
Act in 3 movies, produce & direct 2, write 1
Play with my kids, have fun with my family, make weekends about us, not chores, or work
Here's movie #1, coming Aug 2013
I celebrated my 40th Wedding anniversary
My job title was Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Traveled the world
I played "Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash on the guitar in front of an audience
Coached a championship football team
My kids grew up to be happy and follow their passions
Completed an Olympic Triathlon
I loved my life
I have an imbd.com page with multiple credits
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