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Media studies dominic sheppard

No description

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Media studies dominic sheppard

Media Studies AQA.
Strengths + Weaknesses of producing the music video.
I had a movie maker app (imovie) on my mac computer so editing was easy to do.
School provided a video camera so we could record footage easily.
I had many of the props required available including; face paint, poker set, bike and also the clothes that suited the scenes.
What was involved in the creation of the music video
Imovie- A program on the computer to edit and -prepare the music video.
In the creation of our music video
I was involved in videoing and editing the scenes, as well as acting in the music video. The genre of the video was hip-hop, I used a wide range of mise-en-scene throughout the video to exaggerate the theme which is 'started from the bottom' which is more familiarly known as 'from rags to riches' . Also I played the protagonist in the video which I tried to make clear throughout the video with camera shots throughout the scenes. I have also included different camera angles such as high angle to show the lower and poorer status of the character at the time, and low angle shots to show superiority and wealthiness I also used 1st person angles. Creating the movie took longer than I expected as certain shots could only be shot at certain times of the day as by 4pm it was dark , so was therefore not suitable for the scene.
AO3 Demonstrate research, planning and presentation skills.
AO4 Construct and evaluate their own products using creative and technical skills.

FacePaint -Used to create the zombie face -
Variety of clothes ranging from- 'Poor' clothing to 'Rich' clothing
I didn't have as many places to go to video scenes. My outside shooting was limited to weekends as it was dark by 4pm.
Certain members in the group didn't take as much part in the recording or writing parts of the gcse as required. making it longer to complete tasks.
I had to download a converter to convert the videos to allow them to work on my computer, because of that there is a watermark in the right corner of the screen.

Aubrey Drake Graham (
born October 24, 1986
who records under the name
, is a Canadian
recording artist, rapper, songwriter, and actor.
He was born in Toronto, Ontario.
He signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment
(Ymcmb) in June 2009
The song I chose
to work on was...
Started from the bottom!
What I learned whilst
making my music video
I learned to put together a film by using Imovie , i also learned how to edit and place the audio over the video.
I learned skills for using video camera such as how to trim a video to any size, add color effects, and merge to videos in 1.
I realized the amount of time,effort and effort needed to create a music video.
I learned that there is more to just recording a video; such as creating Storyboards, Pre-Planning, creating an Audience Analysis and also creating Questionnaires.
What I could/should have done to improve the production
Sold over 5million albums worldwide
Audience Analysis
Our video contains codes and conventions unique of a rap video. Our video is aimed at teenagers, audience aged between 14 and 17. Our music video is not aimed at an audience aged under 14 as rap doesn’t usually appeal to them. Another reason for this choice of audience is that our video may contain some adult language. Our ‘Started from the bottom’ music video is aimed at both sexes because alot of males are into into rap + hip-hop, similarly girls find Drake attractive which makes Drake’s music popular with the opposite sex as well as his link with Nicki Minaj with also attracts a female audience. Drake also starred in a show called Degrassi which shows his audience is spread to a wider range than just music fans, this means our video would be popular outside of just the music audience.
We showed a few people the video and here are a few of the following comments we received;

‘This video is awesome!’

‘Very good, could do with some improvements’

Video Camera
iskySoft used to convert the videos to use on my mac.
Had an early release on 2nd February 2013.
Could of got a wider range people to act in scenes.
Could of went to more places to film.
Could of included more Costumes in the video.
Created By
I shouldn't of picked a group of friends as i have learned it is harder to get work done. I should of chose my group on how much they were dedicated to work.

Media Regulations My music video would have to obey.
The Principle of regulations isto protect those that are under 18
It would have to have a appropriate scheduling on TV as it contains language not suitable for children
I would have to consider what channel my song gets played on.(A channel that is expected to play songs with explicit content)
I should consider watershed so my music video would have to be played after 9'o clock at night.
if the song is to be played on radio i would have to consider what time children are most likely to be listening (e.g at school..in early morning..late night..)
If the song was to be played before watershed time all explicit language used would have to be censored out aswell as inappropriate content would have to be edited out of the video.(make to copys of the music video. 1 explicit and 1 clean version
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