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Formula 1 - Seven Stallions

No description

Emily tsen

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of Formula 1 - Seven Stallions

Ideas to raise money Sponsors Tuckshop Bakery sale Give tutoring Babysitting Sell cards Put on a performance Brainstorming LOGO Next, we came up with our logo Then, we finished our contract that we will give our sponsors to sign. We also made an email and a website http://sevenstallionf1.webs.com sevenstallions@hotmail.com For instance, one of us started thinking that one of our team members was a bit bossy and he started telling the others about it and they too agreed. When that team member told him about it he took it the wrong way and decided to quit. It took us a long time to convince him that we really needed him and that he was a great part of our team. Then when that issue was solved, we were stuck on another one. After making the logo , the contract, team name, Myka decided to quit. That was a big problem because we were the Seven Stallions and obviously needed seven members in our team. There was a huge row about it - whether to change or keep our team name. In the end, we decided to have our car as the face of the Seven Stallions! Problem Solved ! GIVES YOU GIVES YOU RACING FOR TOMMOROW! Seven Stallions Formula 1 in schools Stress balls Check out our team website at To contact us email us at: Simon Shristi Isaacson Dattani Qureshi Tsen Isha Kai Sadangi Adam We have earned a huge amount of 450 dhs over the past few weeks. The first amount of money
we earned was 45 dhs. Emily and Isha, made some cards and sold them to our neighbours. Next, Isha made a call to a company called Cruise Logistics and she got them to sponsor us with 300dhs. Then, Kai, came up with a great idea. He made
stress balls which was made with a secret recipe
and we made flyers which are on our board. He
managed to earn 20 dhs. Finally, Isha and Shristi got together and
decided to have a bake sale. Hence, they
started baking cakes and sold them to the people living near Shristi's house. They made an incredible amount of 75dhs. Even though we had many problems ( some of
which were not mentioned on this prezi ) we stuck
together through thick and thin and this has
caused our team great successes! Emily James Our team may sound wonderfully perfect from what you've heard but we've had heaps of problems on the way. Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoyed it!
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