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ELL School Plan

No description

Caitlin Nicosia

on 13 May 2017

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Transcript of ELL School Plan

ELL School Plan

ELL to Student Ratio
5 ELL students for every 20 gen.ed. students


Allows for occasional, small support groups

Targeted help on days when the ELL teacher visits that group within that subject for the day
Gene, G. V. (2002). 5: Grouping Students for Instruction.
Retrieved from http://nepc.colorado.edu/files/Chapter05-Glass-Final.pdf

Hongingsfield, A., & Dove, M. (2008). Co-teaching in the esl
classroom. NJTESOL/NJBE. Retrieved from http://www.njtesol-njbe.org/handouts10/DoveHonigsfeld_Methods.pdf

Oral language development for beginners Colorín Colordo.
Rerieved from http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/oral-language-development-beginners

Parent Participation
Welcome to
A. Lincoln Memorial High School
School Structure
Methods Continued
Another method Lincoln Memorial High School uses Total Physical Response. Total Physical Response is activities greatly multiply the language input and output that can be handled by beginning English language learners.TPR activities elicit whole-body responses when new words or phrases are introduced.
Lincoln also implements a type of co-teaching called Two Groups, one teacher teaches content and the other re-teaches. In this case our subject area teaches content and our ELL teacher will reteach and help the ELL students in their content area classes.
Demographic of the School
Lincoln Memorial High School uses the English Only approach to education. Our school has five highly qualified ELL teachers employed to support all of our ELL students in all five grades.
Our non-ELL teachers have all taken seminars and classes on which methods to use during their teaching to help support ELL students so they will have support during all of their classes throughout the day.
One of the methods we chose to use in the school plan in heterogeneous grouping over homogenous grouping. Research from the National Education Policy Center shows that heterogeneous grouping helps destigmatize differentiated ability groups, maintains higher standards for classes from teachers, and that students are offered an equalized curriculum which prevents them from being given inappropriate curriculum.
Parent-student English Night:
Every month!
Welcoming Brochure:
Info. about school,
community, and
web resources
Translated Letters Home
After School Tutoring
Grades 8-12
500 students in the school
100 students per grade
20 students per grade are ELL

Types of Language and Number of Students per Grade:
10 Spanish students
4 French students
4 Chinese students
2 Nepalis students
Total of 20 ELL students/grade level

Student/ELL teacher schedule
School Structure Continued
The school has 6 floors - a cafeteria on the 1st floor and a floor for each of the 5 grade levels
Each grade will have all of their classes on their designated floor

One ELL teacher per grade/floor
Assigned a different discipline per day
EX: Monday - Social Studies classes
Students per grade move in 4 cohorts (A-D) to all of their classes
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