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Use GO handout with: Learn what is consciousness and ways people alter consciousness

Laura Thrower

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Consciousness

What is consciousness?
An awareness of one's surroundings
What is in one's mind at a given moment
Consciousness can change quickly and dramatically whenever new information arrives
Levels: Consciousness
The highest level
A state of mind that is characterized by focused attention, suggestibility, absorption, lack of voluntary control over behavior, and trance like behavior.
Middle level: Preconscious
Whatever thoughts or perceptions you are having right now and are aware of
What you wore to school yesterday...
What class you go to next...
What is your next vacation...
Ideas you are not aware of right now...
...but you could recall if you needed to.
Yoga, repeating a mantra ("om"), staring at a fixed object, etc all narrow focus and help us not worry about what is in our conscious at the moment
Narrowing of Consciousness
a focus on peaceful, repetivite stimulus that helps one relax
blood pressure and heart rates can be lowered
Alcohol and narcotics like morphine, heroin, codeine
increased feelings of pleasure
Affects judgement
Lowers inhibitions
nicotine, speed, cocaine, caffine
increases alterness, speeds metabolism
increases anxietey
marijuna, LSD, ectasy
relaxes, impairs coordination
creates new "insight", alters perception
interferes with memory: short
and long term
Lowest level: Unconscious
Sigmund Freud came up with this theory first..
Hidden information to your awareness
Often unpleasant or unacceptable memories
Sometimes our unconscious thoughts come out in dreams or inexplicable behaviors
Altered Consciousness
Comes from Greek word, "hypnos",
meaning "sleep"
WHY and HOW?
Sleep is the most common altered state of consciousness.
Watch the video and take notes over the following:
How much of your lives do we spend asleep?
How many stages of sleep are there?
What happens during REM sleep?
Who was
Sigmund Freud?
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