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Robert Stineman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of 半途而廢

To Quit Halfway Down the Road During the Warring States Period, there lived a man named Yue Yang-tz, who had a very virtuous wife. When he took home a piece of gold that he had found, his wife made him take it back to the place where he had found it. He went away to study, but feeling it was too difficult, returned home after only a year. When he told his wife why he had come home, she immediately took a pair of scissors and cut the cloth which she had just been weaving from the loom. "This cloth is made from thread after thread, woven together. I have toiled over it day and night." Yue Yang-tz then asked, "Didn't you just waste a lot of time, then, by cutting it off like that? It's really a pity." To which his wife replied, "Yes! This is just like your studying! Success comes only from working hard over a long period of time; if you quit halfway down the road, your studies will be just like this cloth." This idiom can refer to any situation in which a person starts something, and stops before completing what he has started. THE END 半途而廢 黄金 Yue Yang-tz and wife Once Another time 不好! Oh, yeah...the bibliography! Story adapted from:
http://www.cherriyuen.com/Idioms.php?idiom=115&keyword=& Pictures:




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