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Devon Bike Park

Proposal for the Devon Bike Park to the town council May 9, 2011.

Kevin Haugjord

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Devon Bike Park

Dirt Jump/
Skills Park Proposal Who will build it and what’s the process? What is a bike park? Proposed size and location Costs Operations Why do we want a bike park? Why does "Bike Town, Alberta" want
a bike park? Liability & Insurance A typical, turn key entry level park like we are proposing costs about $80,000.00. From the price tag, we can can expect to deduct costs for the following:

General volunteer labour
Equipment donations
Skilled volunteer labour
Donated materials

Eg. The $260,000.00 bike park in Merritt, BC cost the municipality $36,000.00! It is reasonable to expect the final cost to the town to be approximately $10,000.00 So what's the bottom line? So what's the bottom line? Realistically, the Devon Bike Park could be built for as little as $10,000.00 from the town. All features will comply with industry construction standards
Same insurance category as a skateboard park
Hoots Inc. will advise on necessary signage
Parks offer a risk management solution to unauthorized jumps Maintenance Recommend a joint management agreement between Town of Devon staff and a stakeholder volunteer group.
Requires regular inspections - like a skatepark.
Significant settlement will occur during the first year resulting in increased maintenance time the following spring.
Maintenance schedule and manual will be provided by Hoots Inc. It is a safe, inexpensive, family friendly facility It expands upon Devon's brand/reputation within the cycling
community for hosting excellent competitive events. It provides economic opportunities for new and existing local businesses. While Hoots Inc. will design and oversee construction of the park, many stakeholder groups have committed to provide volunteer labour and/or sponsorship. These groups include:

RMS Bike Club
Calmar Mountain Bike Club
Velocity Cycle
United Cycle
River Valley Cycle
Xpress Racing Team
and many other user groups. Park would emcompass approximately 1 acre.
Voyageur Park would be an ideal location because of:

Existing infrastructure such as washrooms, parking and picnic tables.
High profile location for promoting the Bike Town brand.
Close proximity to existing river valley trail system. Design service Construction oversight. Maintenance training and manual What a bargain for a high quality, low maintenance recreational facility that supports the Devon 'Bike Town' brand 7 days a week. Let's build Bike Town together!
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