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Darla Pace

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of 3.05

Nerve Conduction 3.05
3. When the potassium and sodium gates both open at the same time, end plate potential occurs, however, without enough sodium the gates cannot open properly and when this happens it can cause complications such as the cramping that Joseph experienced.
Motor end plate
Calcium Channel
Synaptic Vesicles
1. The signal transmission across a myoneural junction that allows the nervous system to move the muscles of a football player during the game is when the chemical and electrical charges run through the neuron, then these charges redirect into one direction and continue at high speeds.
2. There are quite a few factors that led to Joseph's dehydration event. The team was short a few players so Joseph had to fill in the extra spots and work twice as hard. Not only did his body lose more water that usual, but he most likely didn't have much time to re-hydrate. To make matters worse, after the game Joseph helped himself to an energy drink, wich are known to cause dehydration.
by: Darla Pace
4. I think that the caffeine from the energy drink contributed to Josephs muscle cramping by making the synaptic transmission process too fast, This overworks the neurons and nerve impulses and can result in cramping.
When we sweat, we don't only lose water but also sodium. We need sodium and our body's natural minerals in order to stay hydrated. Sports drinks restore the minerals, salts, and water that you may have lost in order to keep you hydrated.
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