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Safe Haven ~ Nicholas Sparks

Independent Novel Prezi Presentation ~ Schwarz 4th Period ~ Due March 11, 2013

Kennedy McCrystal

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Safe Haven ~ Nicholas Sparks

Recommendation: "Safe Haven" is a heart touching love
story, that is intended for a female
audience. I would recommend this
book to teenagers and up that are
looking for a good heart warming story.
There are many different emotions
and situations throughout the book
that young readers might not be able
to comprehend. I have found many of my
friends enjoying "Safe Haven" and other
Nicholas Sparks books, and I believe this
audience would be most appropriate. Theme: I believe the theme of "Safe
Haven" is moving on from past
experiences and creating a new beginning. There is a time to grieve from the past, but there will also be light ahead once you move forward and start over again. And I believe Katie and Alex both had a new beginning in this story. Characters: Katie, a young girl with terrifying secrets, runs away as fast as possible to a small town- South Port- to start a new life and leave her old one behind. Throughout the story, she avoids personal encounters with other people, because she is afraid of what they might lead to. Julianne Hough as "Katie" Alex is a young man with two children, Kristen and Josh, that lost his wife to cancer. While running his little store, he runs into Katie and quickly gains curiosity of her. Josh Duhamel as "Alex" Characters: Jo is Katie's friendly neighbor that tries to
bring Katie's guard down and learn about Katie and her past. But in the end, Jo isn't who she says she is... Cobie Smulders as "Jo" Kevin is Katie's husband that is a police
detective far away from South Port. His mental issues put Katie is dangerous risks and she planned to quickly escape. David Lyons as "Kevin" Author: Nicholas Sparks is the Author
of the novel "Safe Haven" and many
other popular titles such as "The
Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember". His most recent
publication was "Safe Haven" in 2010. Quote: " That's the thing about life. A lot of
the time, it isn't easy at all. We just
have to try to make the best of it."
(Page 73) This quote really stood out to me because
I feel like it relates a lot to this love story,
but also in our own personal lives. Its a
good lesson to learn and something we
all should remember when we are trying
to get through a hard time in our lives. It connects very well to the story because Katie and Alex are facing hard times in their life and they are both trying to move on, and start a new chapter. Reaction: I thought "Safe Haven" was an
excellent book! Many of the events throughout the story were very unexpected, and it kept you wondering and wanting to read more. I also believed that the theme and lessons during the book are things we can all relate to and use in our own lives. Symbolism #1: A piece of symbolism I found in
"safe Haven" were the flames of the burning house when Katie meets her past again. I feel like the flames represent moving on from the past and rebuilding a new life. Symbolism #2: Another piece of symbolism I found in "Safe Haven" was the bike Alex left for Katie. I think the bike represented a new friendship building that the story had focused on. And also showed Katie there were good guys out there and you have to trust them and go forward. Plot Teaser: "Safe Haven" starts with a young girl, Katie, running from her past and moving to South Port. She meets a new man, Alex, and her new neighbor, Jo, that she quickly came to like, but was nervous to put he guard down and her past chasing after her. She fears telling Alex or Jo her horrifying secrets she left behind in Boston, prior to her arrival in South Port. Her feelings for Alex grew stronger but she was afraid he wouldn't accept her old life that she was running from.
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