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Looking For Alaska

No description

janey thompson

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

By: John Green
Looking For Alaska
Before: Miles "Pudge" Halter was a kid who had "school friends" and obsessed about famous last words. Pudge left his non-eventful life in Florida to find his "Great Perhaps" at Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama. There anything and everything is one big event. Especially the beautiful, funny, smart, self-destructive, messed up, and fascinating Alaska Young. After meeting Alaska he soon fell hopelessly and utterly in love with her. The Weekday Warriors start a prank war they can't win. Alaska's longterm boyfriend Jake is in the picture, Pudge can do nothing but stand by and watch the event unfold. Still Pudge falls endlessly in love with Alaska, she pulls him into her world and shows him the "Great Perhaps".

After: Pudge thought he had found his "Great Perhaps" but, after the accident nothing seemed the same.
Plot Summary
Your typical pretty girl down the hall, right? Think again not only is she beautiful but she is cunning, funny, screwed-up, unstable, and utterly fascinating. That's a couple of the reasons why Pudge is drawn into her labyrinth. As Pudge goes deeper and deeper into the labyrinth known as Alaska he finds out she is more than your typical pretty girl. But when she leaves the labyrinth, Pudge is left guessing how.
Alaska Young
Chip "The Colonel" Martin comes from a trailer park with a rough history. He is like a tootsie-pop hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The first impression he had on Pudge was a hard one, he told him that they weren't going to be friends if he was just going to climb the social scale. But once Pudge is the victim of a cruel prank by the Weekday Warriors (a.k.a The Colonel's arch enemies). The Colonel and Pudge become friends, Pudge has hit the tootsie-roll part of the sucker. Where he sees that the Colonel is not only very smart but kind.
The Colonel
Miles "Pudge" Halter
Pudge before Culver Creek had no friends and obsessed over famous last words. Pudge at Culver Creek had friends (Alaska, the Colonel, Takumi, and Lara), but still had an interest in famous last words. His favorite last words were "I go to seek a great perhaps" - F.R. This relates to Pudg because it is the whole reason he goes to Culver Creek, is to find his place in the world. That isn't the only thing he finds though. He finds his confidence and boldness, and doesn't look back.
The Smoking Hole: " We came to a rickety wooden bridge-just thick plywood laid over a concrete foundation-over Culver Creek, the winding rivulet that doubled back over and over again through the outskirts of campus." "And there, beneath the bridge, an oasis. A slab of concrete, three feet wide and ten feet long, with blue plastic chairs stolen long ago from some classroom. Cooled by the creek and the shade of the bridge..."
The Dorm Room: "...a private bathroom I got a box. With cinder-block walls coated thick with layers of white paint and a green-and-white-checkered linoleum floor, the place looked more like a hospital than the dorm room of my fantasies. A bunk bed of unfinished wood with vinyl mattresses was pushed against the room's back window. The desks and dressers and bookshelves were all attached to the walls in order to prevent creative floor planning."
The Barn: "We walked on the dirt road over the bridge and back to the school's barn, a dilapidated leak-prone structure that looked more like a long-abandoned log cabin than a barn. They still stored hay there, although I don't know what for."
Why We Chose This Book
We chose this book because 1. we have read other John Green books and liked them 2. people told us that it was a really good book
3. we like mystery and romance novels.
The End
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