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Realism vs Idealism

Huma 1001 Presentation Week 7

Josephine Ho

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Realism vs Idealism

Realism vs Idealism Don Quixote Idealism Realism Idealism Conscious & Mind REALITY Idealism One world won't exist outside our mind! Idealism An unrealistic belief to pursue for perfection
Idealized Thing Realism In literature... Narrator
background and details Illustration Example 1 In the inn...... various physical defects and imperfections Example 1: The Inn Example 1 Maritornes describe unreservedly
“her hairs, not unlike with those of a horse’s mane…”
“through her breath, doubtless, smelled of last’s night’s salt fish…” Desires Reality Real & Human-like one day in July Example 2 HOT!! Example 2 Weather settings and behaviors become reasonable and logical! Why two ideologies together? To observe reality in an objective way A Trend! For Fun! Absolute
Reality? Late Middle Ages... Art and Literature
portrayed in a fantasized and rhetoric way Then, people started... Romantic idealized
Dramatic from Leo Battista - De Pictura
look thing in a sense of perspectives
fullness and roundness Late Middle Ages and early Renaissance... Chivalric Romance popular literture
best-sellers heroic knight adventures giants and monster wining favor of lady Cervantes = Sceptic against Romanticism Reality Imagination DQ is mad? Refusal to social conventions
Refusal to cruel and harsh reality We have limited perspectives! dirty and ugly = reality ? NO! own background and experience independent to personal mind and concious Look things
in the perspective of DQ... Make the “reality” into what we desire Totally different / Better(?)
World The End The idealist: Don Quixote a defender of justice and of the oppressed
a hero with an idealized lady Damsels? Castle? Nobleman? Example 2: Dulcinea Reality - Aldonza Desire - Dulcinea A figure of amusement? the lack of value and thereof of the chivalric romances Reality Fantasy is vague because we do not believe it to be true, but when we do, it can become into a more desired reality. We don't have the
whole picture of reality! Chivalric Romance was a threat
to people at that time
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