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Neil Armstrong

No description

Pelletier Class

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong
He was born August-5-1930
Neil was first rejected as an astronaut for Apollo 11 even though he had a good record from Gemini 8
Neil was on Apollo 11
He loved to read flying books and magazines as a boy
The U.S. wanted to send Neil to the moon because NASA wanted to get rock and dust samples to study
They landed on the moon July 20 1969.
He had to stay in a chamber once he got back from the moon
He was on Gemini 8
Neil died August-25-2012
By Jake Morris
This is the crew of Apollo 11
In the Korean war Neil was a fighter pilot
Neil was a test pilot after he was in the navy
Neil flew 78 combat missions
He was a highly respected as a navy pilot in the Korean war
The end
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Neil had a parade once they got back to the U.S.
Neil had to stay in a quarantine on the Hornet because doctors thought they might have germs from the moon
The U.S. had a huge parade once Neil got back
He also has a statue at the museum
That's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind- Neil Armstrong
Neil was in the lunar lander
Apollo 11 will help people in the future live and land on the moon
Neil weighed 360 pounds including moon walk suit on Earth, but only 60 pounds on the moon because of small amounts of gravity!
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Neil only has a few pictures of him on the moon because he was like the cameraman on the moon!
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