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muslim kindness

No description

Mahamed Dinki

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of muslim kindness

By: Mahamed Dinki Islamic Journeys Mercy and Kindness End of the Journey On this journey to becoming a better muslim
we discuss kindness and mercy in depth The answer is simple! we should be kind to
every living thing on this planet. The prophet
Muhammad {S} said and was recorded in Bukhari

"Do treat your woman kindly and be kind to them
for they are your partners and companions." who should we be kind to? There once was a kind person who saw a poor
dog that was about to die of thirst. He took off
his shoe and put water from the well in his shoe
and gave it to the dog. Famous Story's of kindness Kindness to our parents There was also an evil woman who was mean to her cat
and did not feed it. She also kept in a cage. The cat died
and the evil woman will be sent to jahanam. It is said in the Quran in Sura Al-Isra ayah 24,
" O my Lord! Have mercy on them both as
they did care fo me as a child." The prophet {S} said ,
"First love allah, then the prophet {S}, then your mother(x3)then your father." Well, this is the end of this journey.
I hope I have taught something about
kindness. May Allah {swt} accept all that
we have done to ensure that we never
backbite, say mean things, or dis-respect
our parents and elders.
Salaam u alakum
{Peace be upon you}
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