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Copy of IB Visual Arts Introduction for Year 10's

Transition week information day

Lucy Prime

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of IB Visual Arts Introduction for Year 10's

IDENTITY: Myself as an Artist
Self Portrait Project
Course Structure
CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: Still life objects and pattern
WORDS INTO PICTURES: illustration and sculptural mobiles.
Year 1
Year 2
MY SPACE: Interpretive project
comparing and contrasting the work of different Artists, techniques and the theory behind the artwork. (For Assessment)
EXHIBITION (assessed)
IB Visual Arts
Studio work
visual arts journal (sketchbook + Art Diary)
The Interview
The purpose of the interview is to help with the assessment of your studio work. You are not marked on what you say. The 30 minute video interview should highlight,
technical aspects of the studio works,
your own aims or intentions,
the relationship between the studio works and the investigation workbooks
strengths in terminology and person
During the 2 years you will develop a range of artwork.
First from set titles and later based on a theme/style/approach of your choice.
Visual Arts in Context
Visual Arts Processes
Presenting Visual Arts
Comparative Study 20%
Process Portfolio 40%
Studio Work 40%
Introduction to Art concepts, criticism and analysis
Acquisition of studio technical and media skills
Art in its sociocultural and historical contexts
Your IB Art exhibition and portfolio submission will be in your second year, Term 3. You must plan well.
You should plan to complete a piece of work every 4 weeks.
Expect to do at least one hour of prep in between each lesson.
You will present your project regularly and have feedback from your class and Beak to review your progress, mark your work, build strengths and direction, encourage positive direction.

Your IB mark will come from:
Studio work
visual arts journal
An example of a IB Art Exhibition
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