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Information and Pictures about anorexia.

Victoria Goodrope

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of Health:Anorexia

Health: Anorexia By Victoria Goodrope Anorexia everyone knows is a eating disorder,
Are we sure? Can it be that and something different? People think of themselves
as fat. When they look in the mirror
all they see as themselves is a big person standing there looking at them-selves
Everytime they put something into their mouths they think to them-selves 'Should i eat this? I might become fat' PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN Have you seen those television adds like Fat Zap?
When people see those adds a small part of them gets put down. Zapping Fat off does get rid of those fat layers that you don't want but you still feel the same you don't feel any lighter. Most people deny of having Anorexia
they make of it as not a big deal but it really
is a deadly serious problem. I often wonder What is worst, being over weight or being Anorexic.
Both of them you can die from. But i still don't know which one.
After this slide there are a few pictures. What do you think? Is this a real
Problem or is this something that is going to go on for years to come? The queston i would like to leave you with is
Are YOU struggling with Anorexia? What is Anorexia? People who have anorexia are obsessed with being thin. They don't want to eat, and they are afraid of gaining weight. They may constantly worry about how many calories they take in or how much fat is in their food. They may take diet pills, laxatives or water pills to lose weight. They may exercise too much. People who have anorexia usually think they're fat even though they're very thin. They may get so thin that they look like they're sick.
Doctor don't know exactly. Possible causes include feeling stressed out or upset about something in your life, or feeling like you need to be "in control." Society also puts a lot of pressure on people to be thin. This pressure can contribute too What causes eating disorders?
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