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RATS! misunderstood

What do you think when you hear the word rat? Discusting, lying, dirty? Time for me to unlock the truth.

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Transcript of RATS! misunderstood

RATS! Let's start with the basics, first of all,
RATS ARE'NT EVIL!!!!!!!!! That was animation. but this is real. Rats like this are trained, for rats are incredably smart. They can also be cute Like this Ok, there probably was lots of animation used there... but this is a real pic And as I said before, rats are smart. Almost as smart as dogs. They can be trained to do incredible things. Like opsticle corses You can also put food on things to make a rat lick it, and make some adorable poses, such as this. Even better, rats can save lives. not just by sacrificeing their own lives to be injected with a deseise to see how they'd react, but also like this What do you think this rat is doing? I'll give you a hint, he's in Africa in this picture... Beleive it or not, this rat is sniffing out land mines! Land mines are pressure sensitive plates that explode when steped on. Theise giant (they've beed bread to be big) rats are light enugh to sniff them out without being blown into tiny bits. The mines are digged out, so no one learns their there the hard way... Of corse to train a rat, you need... TREATS! Of corse, how could you take my word for it if I havn't had any expereience my self??? Prezenting... da da da DAAA!! My rats! :) Cinamin! And my brother's rat... Sugar! Or even better... The Two of them TOGETHER! Yes, I gues I've shown you pretty much all that there is to now about rats, so... The End! And thanks for waching! YA!!!
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