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Why is The Cold War So Important Today

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on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Why is The Cold War So Important Today

Why is The Cold War So Important Today
James Williams
Thank-You For Watching
Why is The Cold War So Important Today
The Cold War is so important today because it has helped shape our lives today. It stopped Communism gaining power in The West and helped create many friendships. It affects almost everybody today in some way.
Why Did it Happen?
The Cold War was caused when the Allied forces broke up. The Communists and Capitalists disputed over land and power. The Capitalists, who saw communism growing in the East, were especially worried that communism would spread round the world and into the West. The threat of Nuclear warfare meant that neither side ever attacked full out, however there were many ways that both sides could get victories over their enemies.
What Happened During The Cold War
As the threat of Nuclear warfare loomed over both sides they never interlocked in front line fighting together. However both sides did help fund things such as The Korean War. U.S.A. aided the South, whereas The Soviet Union helped the communist North Korea. This was a way for the Soviets and U.S. to outdo each other without properly attacking each other. Little battles between the two happened quite often, with examples being The Space Race and The Berlin Ultimatum
How has This affected us Today
The effects of The Cold War are actually very easy to see. For example almost all warfare nowadays is done in fear of Nuclear attacks. This means that most fighting today is no longer front line but done from afar. The Cold war has also affected us today by helping the West evade Communist rule; without intervention from The U.S. forces China and The Soviet Union might have conquered Europe and The U.S.. Finally, The Cold War helped form modern day friendships, alliances and hostilities between countries. Today This is seen in politics, sporting fixtures and much more.
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