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Overpopulation Effects

No description

Parker Rasmussen

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Overpopulation Effects

Steps for Set up Step1:Put 2 bowls together or buy. Step2:Pour water evenly into bowls. Step3:Label bowls A/B. Step4:Insert 2 fish into Bowl A. Step5:Insert 8 fish into Bowl B.
Step6:Put equal amounts of anacharis into bowls. Materials needed. 2 bowls
10 fish
4 Anacharis strands
fish food What is over population? Over population is when there is too much of something.
For example: There are too many humans in one place and they create so much pollution and smog that nothing can grow and there is nothing to eat. That is over population. In Action(the Experiment) Observe daily and check conditions. RESULTS Overnight, 3 fish died in Bowl B. Within one hour of initial observation, 1 more fish died in Bowl B.
Bowl A remained almost unchanged over the 5 days of observation.
Bowl B was dirtier than Bowl A within 2 days.
After 5 days, 2 more fish in Bowl B died. CONCLUSION Does over population effect goldfish? Fish get frightened and stressed easily and the following should be avoided so they don't get sick:
loud noises, overcrowding, overfeeding, changes in temperature, not enough or too much light, dirty water, the wrong kind of water, being moved.
Over crowding maybe the biggest cause of stress and death for aquarium fish. Bibliography Binns, Tristan Boyer. "Keeping Pets FreshWater Fish". Chicago IL : Heinemann Library ,2006.

Fairfield, Terry. "A Commonsense Guid to Fish Health". Barrons 01 Jan 2001: 1-3.
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