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Climate Graphs

No description

Kate Faber

on 24 November 2011

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Transcript of Climate Graphs

Climate Graphs
A Closer look at...
What do we already know?
When considering climate, we focus on termperature and percipitation patterns throughout the year.
This information can be shown easily in graphs.
Climate graphs show both average temperatures and monthly percipitation of a specific location.
Bar Graph
Line Graph
What information can we find in a climate graph?
average annual temperature

annual temperature range

total annual percipitation

Winter percipitation (October - March)
Summer percipitation (April - September)
How would you find the...
Can you match the graphs with the images?
Hint: Look at the temperature scales
Iquitos, Peru
Yakutsk, Russia
Tindouf, Algeria
Dakar, Senegal
How did you do?
only for the Northern hemisphere
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