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No description

Gursimran Sandhu

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of beethoven

Who was Beethoven?
Ludwig Van Beethoven
German Composer
Strong role between the classical and romantic eras
Became deaf
Continued to compose
Strongest compositions from when he was deaf
Greatest composer of all time
Great works include: Sympony's 3-9 Fedelio
Beethoven sent to Vienna by court
Capital of music and culture in Europe
Father could no longer provide for the family
Court gave the Beethoven family money annually
Came to Vienna, mother fell ill
Returned many years later
Began studying with Joseph Franz Haydn
Music and only music
Studied piano, vocal composition and counterpoint
Rep as a virtuoso pianist
Finally made his public performance
Decided to publish a serious of 3 piano trios ("Opus 1")
Huge critical and financial success
Deafness and Adult Life
Beethoven kept composing
Becoming a musical master
Realized that he was losing his hearing
Becoming deaf
Tried to hide this fact
Eventually got out
Even while deaf. he kept composing
From 1803-1812, he composed lots of music
Famous: Symphonies three to eight, the Moonlight Sonata, the Kreutzer violin Sonata, Fidelio
Lonely, miserable adult life
Really cranky, short tempered and rude
Fell in love but, it didn't work out
He never married due to his shyness and bad looks
Final Years and Death
Ninth symphony was his most successful and an astounding piece of music
Last symphony
Died March 27, 1827
56 Years Old
Post-hepatitic cirrhosis of the liver
Best composer of all time
One of the greatest
Amazing works that astounded everyone
Wrote with a huge handicap
Hearing is important
Made music that astounded people 4 centuries ago
Amazing composer
Born Dec 16, 1770
Family musically inclined
Father taught him music at a young age
Lots of brutality, forever affected
Musical prodigy
Struggled at school
Quit at the age of 10 to study music full time
Met musicians and published his first composition
ludwig van Beethoven
My Opinion and Beethoven's Music
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