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2010 UN eGovernment Development Index and what we should do to climb the Index

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Wasantha Deshapriya

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of 2010 UN eGovernment Development Index and what we should do to climb the Index

2010 UN eGovernment Development Index and what we should do to climb the Index
Wasantha Deshapriya
2003 Index - UN Global eGovernment Survey
2004 Index - UN eGovernment Readiness Survey
(Towards Access for Opportunity)
2005 Index - UN eGovernment Readiness Survey
(from eGov to e-Inclusion)
2008 Index - UN eGovernment Readiness Survey
(From eGov to Connected Gov)
2010 Index - UN eGovernment Development Survey
(eGov during financial and economic crisis)
Major Changes
1. The position (percentile) of Sri Lanka has improved up to 2008 but decreased in 2010
Sri Lankan eGovernment position
from 2003 to 2010
Index and Percentiles
1. On line services component
It has 4 sub components
a) Emerging information services
b) Enhanced information services
c) Transactional services
d) Connected approach
2. Human capital component
This has 2 sub components
a) Adult literacy rate
b) Combined gross enrollment ratio for primary, secondary and tertiary schools
3. Telecom infrastructure component
This has 5 sub components
a) Estimated Internet users per 100 inhabitants
b) Main fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants
c) Mobile subscribers per 100 inhabitants
d) Personal computers per 100 inhabitants
e) Total fixed broadband per 100 inhabitants
There are 3 evaluation components
2. In 2010 the Index has been named as eGov Development Survey and changed the criteria to measure the eGovernment development instead of readiness
Index should have gone up and percentile should have come down!
But we have done the opposite!
Out of these 3 components, Re-Gov has no control over Telecom Infrastructure componenet as well as Human Capital Component
What Re-Gov can do is focus and improve on "On line Services Component"
Which is the only component Re-Gov can improve
Lets revisit that!
It has 4 sub components
1) Emerging Information Services
What can we do to improve
Emerging Informational services?
Under Online Services component the possible maximum score is 403.
Republic of Korea has scored the highest score in 2010 for online services component.
The scores include the total scores for the NATIONAL PORTAL and FIVE MINISTRIES. (However in 2012 websites of 7 ministries will be checked)
Five ministries are
1. Ministry of Finace
2. Ministry of Health
3. Ministry of Education
4. Ministry of Labour
5. Ministry of Social
Does the National Government Portal provide basic information services online? (Un eGov Report)
Currently www.gov.lk has no links for legal Acts, circulars, forms etc
Also it has no informtion on GIC voice services
hAction 1. (In addition to whatever written before)
So we can provide those!
Should not we provide links called
"Informational Services", "Interactive Services"
and "Transactional Services" and provide
seperate pages to list those services" in
Responsibility; Raashid
Do the 5 minstries provide those? No!
Action 2. Liaise with 5 ministries and get those minitries enhance their websites to provide those information. Mr Weeratunga promised to write to those ministries
Responsibility: Dissa

Enhanced Informational services
What can we do to improve enhanced Informational services? Does the Gov portal provide links to such services?
Answer is no!
Action 1. Provide a link for "Interactive Services" in Gov portal and list all such services with links
Action 2. Identify and list all sites whcih can provide RSS feeds and prepare a plan for getting those to gov.lk
Action 3. Provide a link for "Mobile based information services" in gov.lk and prepare another page to give necessary links.
Responsibility: Raashid
Action 2. Get 5 ministries to develop and list their interractive services in their webs
Responsibility: Dissa
What can we do to improve Transactional Services?
Note: These should not exclusively be financial transactions! Two way communications on Policies, programmes, regulations etc.
Electronic authentication is essential for this.
eForms, eVoting, ePolls etc.
Does the Gov portal provide links to such services?
Transactional Services
Currently we have very few Transactional Services and Gov portal has no links for such information
1. Introduce a blog and forum in Gov portal (Raashid/Bhagya)
2. Develop more Transactional Services and provide links in Gov Portal to Country Portal
responsibility: Kanchana (eServices) & Raashid (links)
Do the 5 ministries provide such services? No!
Action; Inform those ministries about the requirements
Responsibility Dissa -
Connected Services
1. Request information and opinions from citizens by using web 2.0 and other inateractive tools
2. Provide Connected Govt eServices
3. Target services to life cycle events and segmented groups to provide tailor-made services
4. Improve e-Particpation for involving citizens with government activities to have a voice in decision making
1.Can we do this?
2. Are we Ready for this?
3. Do we have the "Dynamic Interactive Capabilities"?
(Dynamic Interactive Capabilites refer to the ability of an oragnization to change it's skills and capabilites interactively to suit demands of ecosystem)
Can we introduce a blog, or forum in gov.lk for asking people to give us feedback on the eGov work and what services that they want?
Who can manage it? Raashid/Bagya?
Outcome of discussion
1. Is the government genuinely ready/willing to engage citizens? This is about opening up forums. blogs and social media sites.
Currently ICTA has a big problem for getting CIOs/GIC contact officers to respond to grievences submitted in GIC.
So the government should make it a policy that govt should seek the feedback on policy, programmes from citizens and work to receive and include such feedbacks.
2. Does the govt has the capacity?
Can the govt allocate people to attend to these web requirements?
Until such policy changes occur ICTA will have to act as another GIC to create an artificial citizen centric govt?
3. Is the govt really interested in connected Govt?
Is it ready to issue a circular/decree for govt organizations to identify and collaboratively implement shared services?
Services for segmented groups?
Gypsies? Veddas? No, we have to create necessary websites!
Services for Life cycle events.
This should really come from Kanchana's area. We will not be able to do much due to HR constraints.
Kanchana & Raashid, Pls refer to Life Cycle events given in Austratlian gov portal.
Improve e-Participation
2010 UN eGov report;
A misleading assumption frequently made with regard to public participation, be it ICT enabled or not, is that the simple creation of channels for citizens to interact with governments necessarily engenders citizen participation.
Evidence shows that most e-participation experiences have repeatedly shown disappointingly low levels of participation, despite the multiple and varied initiatives implemented by governments in recent years to engage citizens online, and apart from a few highly publicized examples. Likewise, discussion groups, blogs and other forums on the topic of crisis-response
funds report that, in most of the cases, participation
has been extremely low.

Participatory budgeting initiatives illustrate how meaningful e-participation can be achieved.
In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and La Plata, Argentina, 10 percent of the population has voted on budget proposals online or via mobile telephones. Citizens in the municipality of Pune, India, have made suggestions for budget allocations online through the municipality's e-budgeting application. In Freiburg, Germany, the city has combined the use of an electronic budget planner with an online moderated deliberation and aggregation of results in wikis edited by the participants

A country's strength in e-participation
is measured against three benchmarks:
1. Does the national government publish information on items (Policy, Procedures etc) under consideration?
2. Are there ways for the public to engage in consultations with policy makers, government officials and one another?
3. Can citizens directly influence decisions, for example by voting online or using a mobile telephone?
Many governments are engaging citizens for feedback
via their websites. The majority of sites have
polls or surveys or feedback buttons, but this is just
the tip of the iceberg. Web 2.0 (and Web 3.0 in
the near future) will provide citizens with an avenue
for direct impact on how government operates.
E-participation goes well beyond e-voting; it
changes the dynamics between government and
citizens. Web 2.0 and social networking tools have
created an environment that politicians and decision-
makers must adjust to and incorporate in their
daily work. In the United States, for example, more
than 2 million followers subscribe to the Twitter
feed of President Barack Obama.

Possible actions!
Create forums and blogs in gov.lk and create Re-Gov accounts in Facebook, Youtube etc and provide those links in gov.lk
Responsibility; Raashid

Possible Actions
Post online surveys in gov.lk
Publish such results in gov.lk
Publish web usage statistics in gov.lk
Citizen charter or service level statement
Responsibility; Raashid

The assessement of e-information determines
if governments are providing the kind of information
that encourages and empowers citizen
participation. This includes online publishing of
e-participation policies, a calendar of online discussion forums, and electronic notification tools
to alert citizens who want to participate.

Governments are starting, albeit slowly, to use
interactive tools to conduct dialogue and receive
feedback and inputs from citizens with online
survey beginning to gain importance. More
governments are embedding surveys within their
portals and websites in order to capture the citizen’s

Possible actions
Online polls
Online surveys or feedback forms
Chat rooms or instant messaging
Web logs
List services or newsgroups
Responsibility; Raashid

E-Decision making
The e-decision making component of the Survey assesses the extent to which countries are committed to empowering citizens to be involved and are committed to taking into account the citizen view when making policy decisions. The Republic of Korea leads in the e-decision making assessment, followed by Australia and Kazakhstan.

Possible Actions
Online discussion forums
Archive of past discussion forums
Government officials respond to citizen input
Government officials moderate e-consultations
Online petitions - On line grivances - can do
Online voting - can do
Sadly this woudl not happen in the near future:(

The deadline is 2011-12-31 as UN starts assesment activites on Early 2012.
Lets work to at least climb 10 places in the index!

Lets see what type of info and services are offered by the national portals of the countries at the top of the eGov Development Index.
Having visited all top gov portals, the followings were observed to be missing in our portal

General observations;
1. Most portals are running to 2-3 pages; We have limited it to one page. We also can make the home page longer.
2. The background colour is not eye catching. Most of the portals are having white background. We need to do something to improve the look and feel
1. Find Agencies - We have A-Z index. We can rename it as “Find Organizations; A-Z Index” (Raashid, Bhagya)
2. Connected to social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and govt blog - We have to create a Facebook page for Gov portal and give a link. Youtube account for Lanka Gate should be connected to Gov Portal. Twitter account for GovSMS (Thushara), videos for all GovSMS should be developed by Thushara to upload to GovSMS account of Youtube
3. A link to mobile portal and mobile services such as GovSMS (Raashid, Bhagya)
4. A link for RSS feeds - New RSS feeds should be provided for all important services such as commodity prices, weather etc and give link in Gov portal (Raashid, Bhagya)
5. A chat service - We do not have HR for this
6. email your problem - This could be done. Include a link and arrange such emails to be directed to Raashid or Bhagya (Raashid, Bhagya)
7. Phone services - Give a link to GIC (Raashid)
8. Separate link for local govt bodies - Give such a link (Raashid)
1. FAQ - Can be connected to GIC pages (Raashid)
2. Documents; acts, circulars, gazettes - Give such links (Raashid)
1. Non-residents; invest in Spain - Give a similar link (Raashid)

1. Have your say (feedback) - Do a page and give a link (Raashid)
2. How do I? - Give a link and connect to GIC
1. Improve citizens participation - We have no local govt sites/initiatives for improving citizen participation
2. Info on information village - We can include links for Nenasala, e-Village, Vidhatha (Raashid)
3. Cyber Security centre - We can provide info on SLCERT (Raashid)
4. Online services - We can give a link to GIC as most popular services. (Raashid)
5. Korean missions abroad and Diplomatic mission in Korea - We can give the counterpart info (Raashid)
Can we get one of our web team members to visit those 5 websites of top 10 countries and note down (in a matrix) the features?
Action: Liaise with the appropriate authority to create a website for Veddhas and Gypsies.
responsibility; Raashid
For 2012 eGovernment Development Index, the websites of the following ministries will also be checked
6. Ministry of Foriegn Affairs
7. Ministry of Environment
Digital Inclusion
Public Directory
Cyber Crime
Gov e-Commerce
Business Info
Foreign Missions
Public Directory
language support
Links to major
Public Directory
RSS News Feed
Link to
mobile portal
eServices and information
Popular eServices
Local council eServices
Links to Social media
Public Directory
Support for developers
Links ot kids page
Public Directory
Site map
language support
Forms, Circulars etc
RSS feeds
Environmental issues
Gender Issues
Disaster assistance
services for Life events
Citizen Feedback
RSS Feeds
Contact your MP
Public Directory
"How Do I" printable docs
Life events
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