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Timothy's Colony of Pennsylvania

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tsook 123954

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Timothy's Colony of Pennsylvania

By: Timothy Kooser The Colony of Pennsylvania Catchy Slogan Come to Pennsylvania,
We'll Be Your Friends. William Penn Strengths Strengths and Weaknesses Charter of Pennsylvania Trivia Question Answers William Penn is just one of many who is well known to be associated with the colony of Pennsylvania. William Penn was born October 14, 1644, in London. He was owed a debt of 16,000 Euros by King Charles of England. Instead the King decided to give him a charter of what is now present day Pennsylvania for his debt. William Penn then went on to establish this region, in 1682, as "Pennsylvania" which means "Penn's Woods." Many Quakers settled here. Map of Pennsylvania State Flag of Pennsylvania Map of Pennsylvania The region is fairly safe and free for people moving to the new world in search of a better life.
You will not be persecuted simply because you are in Quaker territory and they believe that everyone is equal. Also the Quakers are pacifists. Weaknesses Do not come to this area if you plan to have slaves because this is a free colony and many settlers are Quakers.
This colony may not be suited for you if you entirely depend on agriculture. While you may have farms, it's more for an industrialized manufacturing industry. Relationship Between the Colonist and the Native Americans The colonist and the Native Americans of Pennsylvania had pretty good relationships. Because of the fact that William Penn respected the Natives and believed that any colonist should have to pay for the land if they wanted to own it. So Penn organized several treaties with the local Native Americans and was able to come to an agreement on land. Trivia Questions 1. In which year was the colony of Pennsylvania established?

2. Who was the King of England during the William Penn era? 1. 1682

2. King Charles
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