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Self Presentation RB

No description

Virginia Nunez

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Self Presentation RB

VIRGINIA NUÑEZ BORING COLA INTELLIGENCE OFFICE MEETING. 9:01 AM We are the largest drink company and still all of the promising young people want to work for Red Bull. We must find out why they want to work there. I want the best secret agent for this mission. NOW! 2 HOURS LATER... Secret agent nickname: Vicky
Born in: Madrid, Spain
Age: 21
Current University: ICADE
Favourite class: Marketing Looking for adventure since 1991! EDUCATION British Council School of Madrid.
Class of 2009
St. Andrew's House Captain
Silver medal for regional schools' chess competition. HIGHER EDUCATION 2009-2011 2011-2013 One special passion... Lancaster University ICADE Work Experience Flying Most intrepid achievement... Lancaster-Marrakech = Jailbreak Winner 36 hours
1 Passport
1 Mobile phone
Not a single penny x 2 !! BBA European Management + French Language Lancaster, UK Madrid, Spain E-4: Degree in International Business A traveller of the world... STUDY INDIA PROGRAMME 2011 We have found her, Sir. We have found the best secret agent for the mission Personality features Never forgets to smile... A bit of a sweet tooth A strong teamplayer Passionate
Hard worker 5 's VICKY!! And took a shortcut to Austria!!! 3, 2, 1... USA China India Hungary Family background Father: Fernando Núñez Miller

Mother: Virginia Horcajadas Romero

Brother: Álvaro Núñez Horcajadas And passionate about other activities... So Agent Vicky packed her things... So she used her iSpyphone to call the Chief Agent 001 and she told him that she was not coming back... ...because she was going for the Red Bull Graduate Programme!! And she was ready to DO IT BIG. She scheduled a meeting with Mr. Red Bull...

...and fell in love with his unique personality and with his lifestyle. Because the future only belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Marketing department Rumour has it that she has superpowers... and that she turns into a ninja for some of her secret missions. Now she knew why everyone wanted to work
there! Agent Vicky: ONCE UPON A TIME...
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