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TOurplan. Gulugod Baboy

the 360 Degree ecotourism view of Batangas

ryan calinao

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of TOurplan. Gulugod Baboy

MT. GULUGOD BABOY Introduction The Philippines: Pearl of the Orient GULUGOD BABOY:
A Potential Ecotourism Site is the general term that describes the hills that traverse Calumpan Peninsula.
Located in Southern Batangas, Identification of Existing &
Potential Attractions -Increased resources for the protection Environmental & social Issues 8. Ecosystems and Endangered Species Access Conditions to
Attractions Mt.Gulugod Baboy
Matutunggil Rock
Pagong Rock
Vistamar Step
Mato Pt.
Batong Buhay
“It’s all here, it’s so near…” Mabini: Center of the Center
of the Worlds Marine Biodiversity aerial view of Mt. Gulugod BaBOy At its peaks, you can see, from east to west: Janao Bay, Maricaban strait which bears EL Sombrero and Maricaban islands, a distant,
faint blue Mindoro, Verde Island (SW) and Batangas Bay. The city and port of Batangas is visible on the west, following a farther Mt. Daguldul. To the north is Mt. Maculot, and even Mt. Batulao and the Tagaytay highlands. 1. Climate Change 2. Energy 3. Waste 4. Water 6. Consumption 7. Land Management A condition to attraction: Economic Benefit -Increased income and improved standard of
living from tourist expenditures; -New employment opportunities -Increased community visibility Improved infrastructure and facilities Development of local handicrafts. Detailed Recommendations of Tourist Attraction
Estimation of Development Cost
Financial and Economic Evaluation of Tourism Development and Facilities
Financing Options for Tourism Development

The recommendations are the following with EIA- Environmental Impact Assessment: 1. A whole new picnic grove near the peak 2. Construct a tourist center along the road of barangay Laurel and Ligaya 3.A viewing telescope/ observatory 4.A tram/ cable car connecting barangay Ligaya and Laurel materials in TOTAL: P1, 264, 499.00

Labor Cost:

P175, 750
Roofing & Trusses:
56, 350
25, 600

TOTAL (Labor and Materials):P1, 522,199
Artist estimation of picnic grove artist sketch for the 360 Degree Peak Telescope
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