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Tygron EN

No description

Dymphi vd Bremer

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Tygron EN

Environmental planning processes come to a halt
Development projects can go on for years. Estimates and advisory processes may run into millions; there are often conflicts of interest between stakeholders, and processes may even end up in lawsuits.
Tygron has changed this scenario by developing the Tygron Engine. Our ambition is to improve environmental planning in the world.

The Engine speeds up and simplifies the whole process by delivering feasible results much more quickly, thereby saving both time and money.
The Tygron Engine enables all parties involved to negotiate in a virtual, realistic, 3D environment.

Er zijn meerdere stakeholders met verschillende belangen
Aanwezige informatie is omvangrijk,

versnipperd en lastig te begrijpen
From 'big data' to a better decision-making process
From unilateral to
broad-based plans
From bottlenecks to
We maken hiervoor gebruik van gevalideerde rekenmodellen op het gebied van onder andere:
enabling you to see all the challenges of a particular project at a glance, with all the relevant information.
working with all stakeholders to reach a collective plan

solving complex spatial problems using the most important parameters
all possible scenario's are tested for feasibility

Next generation planning.
Together we can improve our living environment thanks to state-of-the-art technology from Tygron.
Ook Waterschappen moeten ruimte delen met andere gebiedsgebruikers om een plek te vinden voor het water, voor.....

- het bergen aan de bron en in de haarvaten
- het creëren van waterberging en opvangbekkens
- de rivier en het stedelijke water
- het creëren van resilience van het waterbodemsysteem

Afstemming en het samenbrengen van de belangen is belangrijk om de lange termijn belangen te waarborgen
The result:
experiment in a safe environment
The steps each party proposes are assessed using recognised calculation models, thereby revealing their feasability.

By developing broad-based solutions, the process of realisation is speeded up.
understanding, involvement
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