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Lions Tigers and....

No description

Kloe Perdon't

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Lions Tigers and....

Lions, Tigers and....
Bears are a serious national epidemic.

There are approxamately 750000 bears in North America alone.
Imagine all these bears falling in bear-love and making bear-babies. An average Mom Bear will give birth to around five litters in her lifetime. That's 3750000 bears.. It's like a bear army. In fact, it very well MIGHT be a bear army. Religions all over the world have agreed for centuries that the end is near. The apocolypse is almost upon us and has been for generations. It was also agreed that Satan would have an army.. But no one ever clarified what that army would be composed of... Till now. So.. I'm fairly certain we all know what I'm getting at.. Bears are the invention of the devil to destroy mankind as we know it. This is kinda a problem. Here's my kinda solution. Send all the bears to the moon. If all the bears are lunarly stranded, there's no way they can form together, buy guns OR destroy the world. Instead, they'll live peacefully among craters and moon rocks. And we'll all live happily ever after.
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